Want To Log On To ITG?


Hey! I’m Kim. You may have received a survey from me by email a few months ago. Or, if you’ve been here awhile, you may remember this. If either is true, hello again! To properly introduce myself, I’m the Community Manager at Glossier, which means I spend my time figuring out how to involve you guys in what we’re creating together—the Glossier products and the point of view. Basically, I can’t do my job well without you and your feedback.

Which brings me to the real reason I’m here today—I’d like to get your thoughts on a project I’m working on. We’re thinking about adding accounts to ITG, meaning you’d have the option to sign on whenever you visit the site. Think of it as your own space on the site where you can customize your experience. A place where you can do things like save stories to reference later and curate your own Top Shelf. That’s just one idea though—here’s a slice of our running list for what a more personalized ITG experience could offer:

  • Bookmarking your favorite stories + products
  • Finding stories that are specifically recommended for you
  • Brainstorming future Glossier products
  • Getting special Glossier offers
  • Sharing your own Top Shelf

So, let’s get to it—what’s on your list?

Think about what accounts do you actually look forward to logging onto. And most importantly, why? The digital world is your oyster...this could be anything from editorial, e-commerce, social media, or wherever you order your lunch.

Don’t be shy; get all up in that comments section. I’m excited to hear what you think!

—Kim Johnson

Photo via ITG.

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