Things We Finish: Goodal Phytowash

Goodal phytowash
Goodal phytowash

I am a huge yerba mate fan. When I went to Berlin a few summers ago, I drank Club Mate literally every day. If you don’t know what this cult German “natural energy” drink is yet, read about it here (or follow them on Instagram if you become addicted like me and need to know its US whereabouts at all times). For the uninitiated, yerba mate is a tea drink made from the leaves of the mate tree and is known for providing an energizing (yet mellow and non-jittery!) caffeine buzz as well as a high dose of antioxidants. If you’re thinking, “That sounds exactly what I would like in every part of my skincare routine,” lucky for you, it also happens to be the hero ingredient in the Goodal Phytowash I just finished. Let me tell you about it:

Ingredients aside, I consistently went back to this product because the process of using it was so satisfying. You dispense a few pumps onto your fingers, apply to your face in an even layer...and then wait. At about 60 seconds, what was translucent transforms into a very dense, thin white layer of foam on your face (think shaving cream consistency, but lighter). Once it transforms, you can massage the tiny micro bubbles to exfoliate ever so slightly. It’s a noticeable scrub, but not an abrasive one. And bless those yerba mate antioxidants—after rinsing off, you’re left with smooth, refreshed, and toned skin. Not quite the same buzz as you get from a Club Mate vodka, but good enough for weekdays.

—Casey Zhang

Photographed by the author.

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