Glossier Balm Dotcom Is On Net-a-Porter!


This is particularly exciting for two types of people: those who like innovation in packaging, and those who live abroad. Packaging because this isn't just the Balm Dotcom—it's a Balm Dotcom three-pack in a nifty pink carrying case that works for balms as well as other things. (It sort of feels like a sneaky playing card case, but we can probably agree that balm is infinitely more useful than cards.) The logic behind a three-pack is simple: one balm for your current purse, one balm for your office, one balm for your bedside table (the judges will also accept coat pockets, cars, vanity drawers...). Better yet, you can share it with two of your closest friends, so they stay universally salved as fall approaches. Then you can use the box to organize any selection of three lipsticks, mixed and matched.

Secondly, yes, anywhere Net-a-Porter ships, the Balm Dotcom will now ship—we're getting worldly with this one. So if you're someone who's new to us by way of another country, a quick primer: The Balm Dotcom is a gentle, waxy salve that you can put on lips, cuticles, cheekbones—anywhere, really—to protect and hydrate. It's great because it stays put and it's not particularly glossy (though it does work well as a subtle highlighter).

Lastly, we're happy to be in good company at Net-a-Porter. Hop on over to their site to check us out.

Photographed by Brayden Olson.

Once you've got your three-pack, experiment with another balm flavor (we've also got coconut).