Elizabeth & James Dry Shampoo


You've probably already pledged yourself to some particular formula of powdered dry shampoo. You love it, but you also know its limits. Maybe it takes a moment or two too long to sink in. Or worse, it soaks up oil to the point that hair becomes a little too matte, skewing gray and flat instead of magically washed sans water.

For these reasons (and more—we'll get to them), be prepared to step away from your OG dry shampoo and embark on a new relationship with the newly released Elizabeth & James Nirvana duo of dry shampoos today. Yes, the Olsen twins have done it again and made the product you never knew you needed but now must have. Luckily both of these together are still much cheaper than a crocodile backpack from The Row.

Most importantly, they don't spray on chalky, so the clean effect is real. But if getting another day out of your hairstyle is like having a really good day, having all that plus hair that smells like perfume is like having that day and then finding $20 on the street outside of your apartment. It's not just helpful—it's really lucky as well. Pick one (or both— Black is all wood and musk; White is like freshly fallen petals), spray near the roots, and work through your hair with your hands—smoothing in sections from ends to roots. Boom: perfectly messy hair worthy of an Olsen. It's even better than a free $20.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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