Rid Your Closet Of Black, Replace Everything With Cream


Wear cream this fall. The color is classic and light, but it still envelopes you—sort of like the way the interior of a luxury car feels simultaneously cavernous and cozy (on that note: has anybody ever noticed how well Mercedes Benz hones in on the coolest color of leather for their seats? That's what I want to wear). Of course, I'm not coming down on black as something to totally abandon in terms of your wardrobe (or car). It'll always be there for you—just take a break for the foreseeable future with the help of:

  1. Totême Luca Blouse : Conveniently structured like a pajama top, for days when you don't want to get out of bed, but you have to anyway.

  2. Simone Perele Celeste Briefs : Something lacy and a little racy to go with said top and under whatever you want.

  3. New Balance For J.Crew Sneakers : Practical and mellow in a two-tone color scheme. Just add jeans and a solid-colored t-shirt. Sneakers your dad would wear, but a little more polished.

  4. Wilfred Baudin Sweater : Cozy enough to curl up fireside, lightweight enough to wear it with denim cut-offs and slide right into fall gracefully.

  5. Veda x Man Repeller Trench : Another item that comes with options because versatility really is the name of the game here. This one is both a good ol' trench and can also become something a little more exciting with the addition of a red satin sash. It's good—really good—both ways.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via GANNI.

But what shoes are you going to wear? May we suggest these?