Water Filters Level Up


Your Brita pitcher is fine, but you deserve more than just fine—and so does your tap water. Although waiting a couple of hours for your water to filter and chill in the fridge seems slightly better than watching paint dry, you could take that time to think about all the things your various filters are removing from your water. The main draw is that filters neutralize chlorine, which is universally undesirable unless straw hair is your preferred look. Some options:


Black is the new black, as evidenced by charcoal's continued appearance in various skincare and health mediums (eyeliner, face masks, juice, water…). The charcoal filter, on the other hand, is a stick of activated charcoal (note: you never want inactive charcoal, it seems), meaning its pores have been opened with an oxygen treatment that allows them to absorb chemicals without removing fluoride. Put a stick of it in a pitcher, a glass, or a bottle on the go. The Black+Blum Eau Good is stylish enough that it might also encourage you to stay more hydrated.

Faucet Filters

You probably don’t need a faucet filter if you’re just washing the dishes, but what if you’re drinking from that bad boy? The Pur Advanced Plus Horizontal Water Filter is a dream—it filters out chlorine, lead, and mercury. It’s also detachable in case you need that extra space in the sink. The winningest aspect of this, though, is that it indicates when the filter needs to be changed (meaning no guesstimations or forgetting).

Shower Filters

Shower filters are tricky because they’re often futile. Some showerhead filters are unable to filter hot water—which, in the shower, is all of the water. However, this Vita-Fresh Shower Filter with vitamin C neutralizes about 99 percent of chlorine and chloramines as well as actually being effective in hot water. Problem solved.

Photo by ITG.

Here's to actually drinking more water this year. (Hey, it's never too late to pick it up again.) Read more from Water Week here.