Seaweed For The Shower


Getting yourself to a beach (much less a truly tropical one) is wonderful and all, but it really only takes $20.99 to transform your shower into a something of an escape—no remodeling necessary, not even a change in water temperature. The key addition here is a little seaweed. Gross in the wild, wonderful when interpreted and funneled to your home through beauty products.

Mario Badescu's Seaweed Cleansing Soap smells pretty powerful, like what sitting in a pile of seaweed would actually smell like and less like Mai Tais and paperbacks in the sand. There are actual little bits of the stuff in this soapy wash, and they act as really gentle-exfoliating scrubbers on the skin—they're way less harsh than anything with a granular texture and don't leave skin stripped and dry. Also, seaweed is anti-inflammatory; but if we're being honest, you're probably in this for the instant vacation, which is where the other half of the pairing becomes important.

So, join us, Aveeno Positively Nourishing Purifying Body Wash. This is everything that you'd expect from an Aveeno product—it's good for sensitive skin and available in the drugstore—but what's different about this one is that it's enveloped in a scent that you'll want all over yourself immediately. Forget whatever fancy shower gel you were using because there's only one way to feel like you're wallowing in sunny, 70-degree waters without a worry in the world...and this is it. Do try at home.

—Claire Knebl

Photographed by Tom Newton. More of the best-smelling shower gels right this way...