Neal's Yard Organic Eye Make-up Remover


Eye makeup remover is an important—nay, essential—step of cleaning one's face. Particularly when it's one of those nights when there's a cat eye, maybe some kohl action, and a coat of mascara or two involved, and your standard face-washing routine isn't going to cut it. (You always think you've got it all, and then you wake up with soot under your eyes, and you wonder why don't your products just hack it? You had one job!)

If any of this is ringing a bell for you, let us present Neal's Yard Organic Eye Make-Up Remover, the first dedicated eye makeup remover (no, not a cleanser; no, not a wipe) that is enjoyable to use. Right off the bat, it smells like roses, which is a nice effect overall while implicitly signaling that everything that it's about to go do is going to be very gentle, like a Boyz II Men song. Also of note—it's organic and vegan, which is nice to know when it's a product specifically meant to rub near the eyes. And before you go: It's oil-free, to boot, so none of that weird bleary-eyed thing that happens when some oily remover accidentally gets into your eyes, and you get nervous thinking that they're going to roll out of your head or something. Honestly, it just feels like tea water, and it takes off all your mascara without too much tugging and rubbing—if you were worried.

All that being said, there's bound to be some opinion when it comes to removing eye makeup and the best products for doing so. When losing eyelashes is a factor in your selection, tensions tend to rise. So have at it, friends. Take to the comments with tales of eye makeup remover. We're listening.

Photographed by Tom Newton. For more on Eyes, whether removing stuff from them or not, click here.