One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Body Serum


On any given day, my routine goes like this: exfoliate, rinse, moisturize. It's standard—I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. But more recently, I've had to amp it up a little, thanks to skin still dehydrated from the winter and a rapidly approaching summer. So now my morning looks a little more like exfoliate aggressively, rinse, moisturize, re-moisturize, skip an hour, go back and reassess whether more lotion/cream/other hydration agent is needed. Ah, the perks of working from home.

Now, when you're striving for immediate moisture immediately upon exiting the shower, I find that application methods apart from pumping some lotion into your palms are far more efficient—like with the One Love Organics’ Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum. It comes with this funny spray bottle, not unlike a small bottle of Windex, so you can quickly shake off some water, grab the plastic bottle (so many oils and serums are gorgeous and glass-encased—not ideal for steamy bathroom use), spray onto your legs and everywhere else, and rub in.

I've never been a huge fan of greasing up just after I get clean. But One Love's Body Serum isn't quite an oil—it's a little thinner than that. And better for you: It has pumpkin seed oil (a natural source of salicylic acid and zinc) to refine, tone, and even the skin, antileukine 6 to fight free-radical damage and tighten the skin’s surface, and all kinds of nourishing extras like green tea seed oil, kelp extract, chia seed extract, and rooibos tea extract. But unlike a creamy lotion, I'm not worried about it just sitting on my skin and rubbing off onto my clothes. It soaks in right away, decidedly un-slimy, leaving behind only a super nice scent (Gardenia + Tea, so obviously), but not in a fragrance-y way. Honestly, it's good enough to ditch your Frederic Malle perfume—and not just because it's got that nifty top.

In fact, the Serum worked hard enough that I went through an entire bottle in less than a week. Now, I’ve ordered a second bottle (it's $40, but once I get my skin over the lingering winter hump, I've resolved to use it a little more sparingly) and also added their Vitamin C Body Polish and Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion to my summer skin boot camp routine, too. Seeing that they're all certified organic and smell just like a resort (the scrub is like a piña colada) the mindset alone is enough to get me into a bikini willingly. Just waiting for the temperatures to finally catch up to my shower...

—Victoria Lewis

Photographed by Tom Newton. To catch up on our personal spending habits from week to week, read more of The One Thing here.