Lancôme's Felt Tips For Your Eyebrows


If we're to take anything from this season's fashion week coverage, it's that the anti-Instagram brow lobby has gained some traction—at least in the editorial world, which isn't to say brows should go untouched. Rather, shaping and application can just be toned down a bit. Maybe it seems counterintuitive, but penciling in one's brows can quickly lead to overdrawing. Account for the inevitable smudging thanks to your brow wax and/or moisturizer, and suddenly your brows are a thing when you just wanted to fill in the holes. A felt tip pen might also sound counterintuitive (I thought we weren't going to make this a thing)—but surprisingly, it's not. Lancôme just launched their Sourcils Tint, a long-wearing eyebrow pen in four colors that draws on like a super-thin tipped marker that absolutely refuses to smudge (given a five-or-so-second drying period). While with pencil or shadow you're often just washing the brow in more color, with this handy-dandy pen you can fill in so lightly that you're just drawing individual hairs. And it's not that you can't do super on-fleek Insta-worthy eyebrows—you just don't have to. The choice is yours.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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