Look Like An Angel, With Dick Page

Dick Page is a boss. A boss who knows that you want to look great without spending an hour staring in the mirror. “15 minutes, tops,” is how long the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show makeup look should take to apply. Which is good news for everyone who doesn't have a team of people to prepare themselves for the world each morning. Watch the video for the whole shebang.

Key takeaways:

- Never put foundation on the eyelids

- Use fluffy brushes for soft, diffused color

- When you can't find the color you want, mix it yourself

- Blot lip tint two ways (between your lips, and then straight on, like you're giving the tissue a kiss) for the perfect stain

And there you have it—Angel-worthy makeup that even a mere mortal can do.

Shot by Tom Newton. Edited by Maya Margolina. For more behind the scenes photos from the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, click here.