& Other Stories Arrives


Fashion People rejoiced when & Other Stories, the sister brand to Swedish megabrand H&M, announced it would be opening its first US store (plus their US e-commerce site) this week. Never heard of it? That’s OK—what’s important is that you’re here to learn.

Stories (which is what we’ll call them for short) opened in Europe just over a year ago, making a name for itself with buzzy collabs—recently with musician Lykke Li, Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya, and Parisian blogger Jeanne Damas to name a few. A lesser-known fact is that Stories was actually conceptualized by H&M as a premium beauty brand, which makes their cosmetic offerings that much more interesting. Packaged in the same vein as the rest of the accessories—clean and chic with a touch of adorable—the available products are basic staples that come with a twist of Swedish flair. All the while being insanely well-priced.

To start, the Cotton Care line, eight pieces ranging from a body scrub to the all-purpose, fragrance-free Plush Balm that’s already sold out worldwide, is packaged in streamlined white with excellent typography—and it’s all priced under $20. The brand is careful not to name a hero product from the line, but I’m predicting the Winceyette Shower Cream as a sleeper hit—it feels as creamy as a lotion but doesn't leave any residue and smells just like a baby's soap.

The Body and Bath Care line, categorized by different colored paint splatters, is comprised of a body scrub, hand soap, and body and hand lotion—all with names like Couture Carnival and Punk Bouquet. The Botanic Whisper Hand Lotion is a particularly good find, boasting a scent reminiscent of summer on the Amalfi Coast with a non-greasy finish. Also worth noting are the candy-colored nail enamels (that come with a decent size brush and don't chip too badly) and four new of eaux de toilette—all of which are currently in-store exclusives.

And it gets better: Bring your empty & Other Stories beauty products into the store and get 10 percent off your next beauty purchase. It’s enough to have you tossing all your drugstore products away with abandon—don’t say we didn’t warn you.

—Tara Lamont-Djité

& Other Stories opens in New York this Friday, October 17, at 575 Broadway. Photographed by Tom Newton.