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How To Become A YouTube Hip Hop Choreography Connoisseur


Charlize Glass


Charlize Glass

When someone asks me what I like to do in my free time, I, without skipping a beat, reply with, “watching hours of hip hop choreography on YouTube.” For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about.

On any given Friday evening while most college students can be found within a 10 foot radius of a keg stand I can more easily be found huddled in my bed watching people who can be described as nothing less than dancing magicians for hours on end. I do it all: I replay videos over and over to watch the intricacies of the footwork; I bite my nails in anticipation of the next big move; I yell at the screen during major moments in the sequence. I’m basically a Dance Mom in training.

If you are as of yet unacquainted with the wondrous world of YouTube hip hop choreography then I am truly honored to be your guide. My personal top five:

5. ”dby Willdabeast

Ahhhh, memories. This is perhaps one of the first choreography videos I watched and thus acted as a catalyst in my developing obsession. Want to question your life choices? The dancers in the video, Jaira Miller and Kaelynn Harris, were mere teenagers at the time. The girls were also semi-famous as members of America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 runner-up crew, 8Flavahz. Teens these days.

4. 'I Heart Cali Boys' by Parris Goebel

If this is what all of the boys look like in California, then * *Googles California dance studios * *. Also, I had to include a female choreographer on this list because us ladies have to stick together. And don’t think I didn’t notice that lip and extended cat eye that Parris has going on. Choreography and beauty inspiration, a two-for-one special.

3. 'Yoncé' by Jose Hollywood

You might have seen this video when it went viral about a year ago. The dancer in the video, Charlize Glass, was 12 at the time. You might be thinking, ‘Oh that doesn’t look so hard!’ but then you try it and nearly paralyze yourself. And by 'you' I mean 'me.'

2. GRV Crew at World of Dance

This routine won the GRV crew first place at World of Dance, one of the biggest hip hop competitions in the country, in 2013 because, I mean... just look at that video. It’s not the moves that are so amazing, but rather the sheer number of people doing all of the moves at exactly the same time.

1. 'Upgrade U' by Willdabeast

Congratulations! You’ve made it to number one! I assume this means you’ve been successfully indoctrinated into my little world. You’re welcome. The choreographer for this routine, Willdabeast, has blown up in the past year or so and now has a successful crew, ImmaBeast, and is a choreographer for a little show called So You Think You Can Dance. Also, this video has over 31 millions views. I'm responsible for approximately 22 million. Calculate at your own leisure. In all seriousness though, this video is the perfect one to round out the list because don’t we all just want to be upgraded to this level of perfection?

Also, if any of you guys are hidden choreography freaks like me comment with any videos you like too. Seriously, the more the merrier, I have a weekend schedule that needs to be filled.

—Kim Johnson