Linda Evangelista


'I’ve always loved beauty products, but I didn't really get into skincare until my thirties. I’ve worn sunscreen every day since I turned 33. My whole routine changed, actually. I do all of those lotions and potions, toner, exfoliation, masks, all of it. I really like Vitamin A and C serums and oil-free moisturizers. None of it takes me too long, and I like the time I spend doing it.

When I got the Dolce & Gabbana foundations and primer, I actually cut back on a couple of steps. The Sheer Radiance Primer is what I use to moisturize now—it’s a really good multi-tasking product. It has SPF 30 and long-term benefits, so it’s a no-brainer.

After the primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen go on, I just put on a couple of drops of the Dolce & Gabbana foundation. I pat it in with my fingers while my skin is still moist, just to even out my skin tone—my fingers work better than a brush. I really think you can pound it in with your fingers instead of just pushing it around on top of your skin. Then I do a little mascara, a little shadow in the socket with a brush, a little blush, lip gloss, and go. But I add about a hundred more products if I’m going somewhere with a red carpet.

Everybody likes a little help every once and a while, but I can do my hair and makeup myself. I have this tray with all my makeup on it so I can bring it anywhere the light is good. Don’t put your makeup on in the bathroom unless you have a good window—without the right light and a magnifying mirror, you’re going to walk out of the house with streaks.

I also like doing my own nails; I find it therapeutic. I push my cuticles back and keep the tips short and clean. When I do go for manicures, it's at Dashing Diva in my neighborhood.

What’s not low maintenance is my hair—it’s curly and needs to be pressed straight, definitely not wash-and-go. I’m all for change, though. All of my different hairstyles over the years were quite spontaneous. An idea would brew, and it would just happen—I'd do it. Haircuts aren't forever, you can get out of it if you feel you made a mistake.”

—as told to ITG

Linda Evangelista photographed by Emily Weiss.