Uka Salt & Pepper Hand Treatment Spices


Few things attract me more to a product than a novelty hook; I have cupboards full of unopened shampoos and wicker baskets overflowing with cleansers, so it really takes something to make a soap stand out from the crowd. Uka creating salt-and-pepper-themed “hand treatment spices' for “busy, lazy, and demanding women”? I’m all three and I’m sold.

Ordinarily, I wash my hands out of a vague inclination towards hygiene. But, according to Uka, salt purifies the soul so I have been lathering like never before just in case they're right. But if the soul cleanse falls through, the cedar, juniper berry and eucalyptus fragrance has me washing my hands at randomised intervals throughout the day and salt actually is a natural antiseptic, so I’ll probably never get sick again. Plus, I smell like a delicious forest.

The moisturizer smells like spicy black pepper, rosemary, and marjoram and absorbs almost instantly with no greasy aftermath. Instead, it transforms you into the sort of woman who values the base notes of a hand cream (clove) and whose bathroom now belongs in World of Interiors. So chic.

—Olivia J. Singer

_Photos by Olivia J. Singer. _