Open Thread: How Low Do You Go?


There seems to be one way of wearing a button-down these days, popularized by fashion editors (Emmanuelle Alt), creative types (Jenna Lyons), rock stars (all of them, always), and our very own Emily Weiss, that says unbuttoned is the way to go. Down the sternum, and often bra-less. There's a certain insouciance in sighing, “Harrumph, I've buttoned enough buttons this morning, my arms are tired; it's time for me to slip into my ballet flats, grab a baguette and cycle to my design atelier,” throwing one's hair into an undone bun, and dashing out the front door. But this is saying nothing of: sheerness, cold breezes, and office appropriateness.

For Langley Hemingway, who's currently starring in the cult French shirting purveyor Equipment's latest lookbook, the matter is less about boobs and more about sartorial semantics. “I like both buttoned down and buttoned up,” she says. “I usually prefer buttoned down with tight jeans to create a sexier look, and buttoned up with skirts and shorts to contrast with all the leg showing,”

But we want to know: how low do you go? One button, two buttons, three buttons down? No buttons plus a front tuck like à la Lenny Kravitz, onlookers be damned? Neat and tidy with a ribbon like a 1970s Saint Laurent muse? Our favorite answer—based on killer styling tips (photos encouraged), political correctness (or lack thereof), and/or general awesomeness wins. Scratch that—you're all winners in our book: click here to receive a special gift from Equipment when you’re least expecting it, but just when you need it most (hint: look for it at the beginning of August right when you’re pondering fall wardrobe strategy). But because some people win more than others, 10 of you will get a $250 credit to spend on—to swathe yourself in all that silky, linen-y, chambray-y Equipment goodness. Button/tie/wrap/safety pin/double-stick however you please.

The Signature Shirt photographed by Tom Newton in New York City on June 27th 2014 in partnership with Equipment.