What's The Best Makeout Music?


Hello friends. Good day. There's something you may not know about me, unless you've been my colleague or my bed fellow: I have questionable taste in music. For example, I still think “ Happy“ is new and fresh, and I tend to play the same song on repeat over and over again.

My musical inclinations are fine and dandy within the confines of my ears and my earphones, but don't sit well with others. Or, more precisely, when I'm sitting with others. Naked. With 1 in 5 songs interrupted by Pandora commercials, I do not appear “smooth.” And I do not feel sexy. Conversely, I will never forget the few experiences I've had where the soundtrack really, truly MADE the session. Alas: neither the time nor the place to clamor for my iPhone and Shazam that shit.

And so I ask you, dear readers, like a forlorn dude writing a letter to Playboy in the year 1983: what are the all-time best albums and songs to hook up to?

Yours truly,

Emily Weiss

Alexis Page photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on June 25th, 2014. Camisole by Zara.