The Cutest Mask In the World


I love small things—hedgehogs, clementines, Blue Ivy, you name it. This also applies to beauty products. I spend most of my trips to Duane Reade sauntering through the aisle of travel-sized goods, like Julie Andrews spinning across that field in The Sound of Music. If you took a peek into my medicine cabinet you would discover a wonderland of Sephora samples more befitting of Polly Pocket than a full-sized human, and immediately understand my inability to stay monogamous with skincare products.

Now, there must be a fairy skin-mother out there looking after me because I have recently come into the possession of an epidermal treasure. When I first laid eyes upon Nügg Face Masks I thought, “Yum, butter!” but upon closer inspection, I realized I was looking at a tiny dermatological wonder. Aside from being adorable, these masks are backed with serious technology. Usually, skincare formulas use emulsifiers such as cetyl alcohol to suspend oil and water in one substance. Nügg however uses their signature “Natural Oil Dispersion' technology to combine these two components. To do this, they mix the oil and water together at an rapid speed, resulting in tiny particles that can easily penetrate the skin. Can I get a 'Holy science!”? These all-natural pods also use nutritious ingredients like aloe juice and olive, cranberry, grape, and linseed oils for their salad dress—I mean face masks.

I don’t know about you, but my skin has relatively frequent mood swings. Sometimes it’s angry at me, sometimes it’s dry and tired, and more often than not, it’s begging to be exfoliated. Fortunately, there’s no need to commit to just one Nügg formula. Each of the six “flavors” serves a different purpose, so you can hydrate, revitalize, sooth, deep clean, exfoliate, or even take some anti-aging measures when you see fit. The best part is that they're sold at Target (which has two travel aisles!). My favorite is the silky Hydrating Mask with Camelia Seed Oil & Spirulina Extract. It’s smells how I'd imagine a French spa would smell. Also, if you aren't patient enough to let the mask sit for five to ten minutes, you can smooth on a tiny amount as a moisturizer. In conclusion: if you’re like me and love tiny things, natural ingredients, and have loose morals when it comes to skincare, you need to try one/all of these masks.

—Courtney Brunson