How To Wear Orange Blush

Bright Peach Blush
Bright Peach Blush

There’s a lot of real estate on your cheeks, and you've probably noticed that the shades meant for the hollows have no business on the apples. The success of 'perfect' cheekbones or that flush that feigns coyness very much relies on placement. But since the system failed us by not making blush application part of the standard junior-high curriculum, we asked makeup artist Suzy Gerstein to help us make a hard-and-fast guide to where to put what colors—and why. Today we're talking shades of orange.

The Effect: Oranges, or bright peaches, warm up your complexion the way a bronzer would. If you’re fair-skinned, bright peach is a nice way make your skin look healthier without wearing bronzer, which can look like dirt on light skin. Orange blush is also great when paired with a bronzer.

The Placement: Bright peach is a lot like bright pink in that you can get away with wearing a wider strip. [Ed. note : Here's the guide to wearing bright pink blush.] I apply it like a triangle on its side, as I would a bronzer. The highest concentration of color is on the outer two thirds of your cheek—the fleshiest part. The lowest point of your blush should line up with the top of your nostril, and the furthest out on your face should be close to your ear. If you keep the blush concentrated toward the outer part of your cheeks, it will give you a wide-eyed, sculpted look. [5]

_The Products: _Tne of my favorites is Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop. It’s not too bright, but it’s not too pale, so it looks gorgeous on a lot of people. If you want to make the color brighter, layer a powder over a cream blush, like Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel. That’s a makeup trick that ensures your color stays longer and it also gives your blush more depth.

—Suzy Gerstein

You can follow Suzy on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Here's her website. Illustrations by Suzy Gerstein.