How To Clean Your Face: Part 2

At long last, you've gained some insight into how to properly cleanse your face. But what about all that serum/lotion/cream you're using? Even though I love the old expression “slapping on some rouge' (so retro!), you probably shouldn't actually slap anything on your face. You should love your skin! No, really, love your skin: touch it, caress it. And if you're not sure how—well, you're not alone. Yes, some products come with diagrams or entire pamphlets about application, but we prefer watching Isabelle Bellis. Here she is, back in action, demonstrating various techniques (including “ pianotage,” the act of tapping one's fingers over the face as you would the keys of a baby grand) for applying products post-cleansing. We're particularly appreciative of the eye cream demo. You learn something new every day.

—Emily Weiss