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How Does Makeup Make You Feel?


There’s a debate going on right now at the New York Times about whether makeup helps or hurts self-esteem (responses currently range from “Women Should Do What They Want,” “ It’s What You Make Of It,” “ Using Makeup Shows Love for Yourself,” “ A Choice, Not A Requirement,” “ Look Your Best, Feel Your Best,” to “ Must This Get Political?”), but our heart lies mostly with Natasha Scripture’s response,“ Red Lips Can Rule The World,” because guess what? We agree. Saying makeup is anti-feminist is borderline crazy. In our book, being a feminist means supporting women, no matter what they look like or what they want to do. (A resounding “ You Go, Girl!” here, please, thanks). Just check out Esmé [1,2], rocking Tom Ford’s latest limited-edition lip colors (she's wearing Spanish Pink in these pics), and bringing back all those good memories from Esther Heesch’s transformation at the hands of Armani Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick. A red lip is confident, sophisticated, alluring, and as strong as you want it to be. Don’t believe us? Ask Melissa Coker. And don’t let anybody tell you what to do.

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Esme Edwards wearing Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Pink, photographed in New York by Emily Weiss on December 2nd, 2012.

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