Casanera Oliu Reziosa & Crema Preziosa

Casanera Oliu Preziosa and Crema Preziosa
Casanera Oliu Preziosa and Crema Preziosa

Emily and I like to think that we’re good at sharing. I mean, we’re adults, we both want whats best for ITG, right? Right? Of course we do! But sometimes, when certain products slide across our desks, it gets a little bit harder to feel like a musketeer (‘One for all, all for one!’) and a bit easier to feel more like Ayn Rand (‘Give me all the things!’). The latest reason for this inter-office strife? Oliu Preziosa and Crema Preziosa from Casanera, a 100%-organic anti-aging skincare range imported from Corsica and created by island native (and third-generation botanist) Marie Ceccaldi. The products (textures! scents!) are nothing short of soothing, incroyable hydrating, glow-making skincare glory. The oil is a light, skin-decongesting blend of jojoba, borage, and argan (nourishing, regenerating), rosehip (anti-aging, combats free radicals), primrose, and prickly pear seed (moisturizing, emollient, better than it sounds). The scent is vaguely floral but nothing too sickly sweet, and it glides on and absorbs quickly. I’ve been happily massaging it into my face on the regular (though they recommend focusing around the eye and lip area in the evening). The Crema Preziosa, meanwhile, is a dense, thick, rich and creamy balm intended for use as a night cream and it feels, in the best sense, like silky mud. (So, like spa mud, not New York City street mud, which, please, don't put on your face.) When combined with the oil, it is just about the best thing that has ever happened to my face: I'm talking silky, soft, clear, and bright.

But—and feel free to imagine a deep, soulful sigh—because I am a team player, and because it's the holiday season after all, today I'm handing over my bottles to Emily (here’s hoping she offers something to trade/ease my pain). The biggest bummer of all? Casanera’s line is only available widely in Corsica and France (I've heard rumors of pharmacy shelf appearances, for Pete's sake), and offered online to ship everywhere except the USA. Come on guys, help a sister out! (Or ahem, Emily, Christmas is coming, and Paris isn't so very far away...?)

—Alessandra Codinha