Essie's Plea to YSL

Essie Weingarten's favorite YSL blush
Essie Weingarten's favorite YSL blush

Believe it or not, Essie doesn't keep any nail polish in her home. (She goes once a week to her longtime nail tech Josephine Allen, who recently relocated to the new Essie flagship salon at 35 East 65th Street.) What she does stockpile at her Park Avenue duplex is her number-one, all-time-favorite makeup product: Yves Saint Laurent's retired Touche Blush in #2 Coral. The woes of discontinued products befall even the fabulous founders of L'Oréal-owned companies (Essie Cosmetics was purchased by the beauty corporation, which also owns YSL Beauté, in 2010). If she can't bring it back... Here, Essie's desperate appeal:

'I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out. I had a mini one that I used to travel with, and I had one at the beach, and this is it! [Motions to a pair of half-filled jars.] I am dying. It's my favorite in the whole wide world. There is a new version, but it's...different, it's not this. This is the best. Number one, it makes me look alive— without it, I look washed out—and especially with grey hair, you need more color, and two, this doesnt make you look like grandma's cheeks—it's a natural color, but it's there.”

Though it's technically called #2 Coral, to Essie, the color seems “peachy pink.” We asked her to give it one of her world-famous names. “I'd probably have to call it Tea Rose,' she said. Which is pretty demure coming from the woman who gave us Size Matters red. But, she defended her choice: “It's very soft. And tea roses are so beautiful.”