Sole Saver


Socks and summer don’t mix: bare legs demand bare feet. But stomping around in 90-degree heat in espadrilles, boat shoes, ballet flats, or Birkenstocks (I guess?) poses an olfactory conundrum, to put it gently. Because no matter how impressive your personal hygiene, sweat happens. A few years ago, an aimless stroll through C.O. Bigelow on Sixth Avenue led me to the best kind of beauty discovery: a product so specialized you hadn't even thought it existed. Gehwol Caring Footdeo is an ankle-down deodorant spray that, despite it’s Windex-blue color, is powered by natural essential oils (rosemary, lavender) and extracts (chamomile, peppermint). It’s got a clean, slightly minty scent, and absorbs quickly into skin following a few spritzes onto bare soles, allowing you to envelop your feet in leather or canvas with confidence.

Plus, the bottle’s minimalist, eco-chic design will make your medicine cabinet look more “globe trotter' than “high-school gym locker.” And that red, white, and blue color scheme reminds me: Happy Fourth of July from ITG!