Snippity Doo-Dah

I should really start a new section of this site called “do not try this at home.” There are some things that, in my book, always require the trained eye of a professional: waxing (even if you get the hang of it, isn’t it just so much messier?) and highlights are two good examples. But haircuts, I’ve begun to think, can really swing either way. A cut cut…we’re talking a transformation, like shoulder-length to a bob—professional. Curly hair of any length—professional. But the odd inch or two off the bottom off your run-of-the-mill long hair? A few months ago, I wondered, what’s the big deal? and that train of thought landed me in an empty bathtub with my friend Ashley and a kitchen scissor on New Year’s Eve (pre-champagne—promise). One inch became two inches that turned into three, as I kept saying, “More!” and, ‘Think Frech Girl hair… imperfect…Lou Doillon!” Because, truth be told, I’ve never really liked haircuts. It always winds up looking too…freshly cut. Until, at least, you find your hairstylist soul mate, in which case—congratulations. Tip them well and often.

My impromptu, homemade haircut was a thing of beauty—“I cut it myself!” I proudly declared to anyone within earshot. “Yes, in a few short minutes....I just took it out of a ponytail and started snipping.” But you know who doesn’t buy this for a second? Hairdressers. In February when I saw my friend Brian, who’s been working alongside the legendary Orlando Pita for years, he cocked his head as I told my story, and finally delivered the verdict: “Yeah, I can tell. One side is totally longer than the other.” And not in a cute way, he said. “Just stand there, I’ll grab my razor and dry cut it to even it out.” Noooo, I pleaded. I hate haircuts. “It will take one minute—I promise.” He pinched little pieces from the bottom and shaved into them, twisting some first, and randomly selecting others to shave into a few inches up for some layers. Sixty seconds later, I shook it out, and voila—ends that sort of curved this way and that, random long pieces in the front (but not just on one side…); it looked totally lived-in and cool.

As it’s grown out a bit I’ve thought about grabbing a razor (definitely recommended over a kitchen scissor) and playing around, but instead I texted Brian on Saturday and met in Washington Square Park for a touch-up. Yes, he’s a professional, but he makes it look so easy. Can’t this kind of haircut be the type of thing, like advanced makeup application, you can learn to do yourself—if, that is, you’re a curious beauty nut (and/or double Aries) like me? We all learned how to pluck our eyebrows back in middle school…but then, don’t forget how long it took to recover from that dreaded “tadpole” shape after a tweezer-happy session…

The outfit I just can't seem to take off: American Apparel men's denim shirt, Zara frayed white shorts, Rae Jones Repoll boots (at No. 6) and Repossi rings.