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Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power, Founders, Who What Wear

Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power
Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power

Katherine [right]: My yellow nails, I have to say, I bit off Jenni Kayne, who was wearing this great color the other day at a charity event at her store in LA. I said, “I love your nails, I’m going to copy you,” and I looked all over for the right color. This is some random brand—Bon, and it’s called Lemon Twist. I found it at my nail salon, Hands to Hold, in the Valley. I go there every Saturday after my Cardio Barre workout class that’s also in the Valley. When you work as much as we do, I think it’s important to be on a schedule in order to maintain balance of work and friends and errands.

Hillary: I just moved to West Hollywood and I have not found my nail spot yet. But I’m a Shellac girl at heart. I don’t know how this happens but half the time it looks like I’ve been digging in the dirt all day…if I get a regular manicure, it’s wrecked in no time—I ding it, I chip it—so Shellac just helps so much. The only problem is the lack of colors for it, though there are some really beautiful colors for fall—the darker colors that I like. I also have such a weakness for all of the beautiful Chanel metallic polishes, especially Peridot, and one that’s called Kaleidoscope that’s kind of like Peridot but has a little more silver in it. I have a love affair with metallics and I think Chanel does the best metallics in general. But we both go to Andy Lecompte salon; it’s the best salon in LA—Jen Atkin cuts both of our hair. She’s amazing. She has a ton of celebrity clients but she also does the shows in New York and Paris every season so she always knows the trends.

Katherine: I really appreciate that—that as a hairdresser she’s constantly trying to keep up with what’s going on, and learn. Because I think a lot of hairdressers get into their groove and do what they do really well for years, and people get sick of that after a while and want a change. She also has an amazing inspiration book and images of her iPad—everything from picture of Kate Moss to old pictures of Brigitte Bardot, which is great for when you can’t explain what you want—you can go through the pictures. We also share our facialist, Frankie [Francesca Paige]. She’s got the beauty game on lockdown here. Almost everyone I know goes to her.

Hillary: She’s amazing. I almost feel like it’s facial boot camp…it’s not fun…

Katherine: It’s not relaxing, no.

Hillary: She will really clean your skin out; she’ll zap little things if that’s what you need…she has all the LED light machines and that oxygen machine that I feel like everyone uses. She uses that and I wake up the next morning like, “Oh hello, fifteen-year-old self! I haven’t seen you in a while.” And it lasts a long time too. It’s like a Hyaluronic acid/Oxygen situation that she sprays on. And she has lots of great products.

Katherine: But not her own line, which I really like—she just sells the best products from all different lines. So it’s not like she’s pushing product on you, which is nice. And we both bought this special pillow she told us to get, called the Save My Face pillow. We coincidentally gave it to each other for Christimas—it prevents wrinkles and that smushed sleep face.

Hillary: I do not have great skin; I’ve battled my skin my whole life. And my parents say this is the best my skin has ever looked. If it’s left to its own devices it’s really like angry, thirteen-year-old skin. I have a Clarisonic and I think that’s been a huge help too. Especially whenever we wear makeup for on-camera things or events, I break out the next day, and this really helps you get everything off. I use it day and night; I have the gentle one. If I go a couple days without it, I see a difference. I’m obsessed with it. But I’m also an old-fashioned Cetaphil girl. When my skin was really bad a few years and I went to the dermatologist, he said I was using too many products, and just to lay off. So I switched over to Cetaphil and I love it. I use that moisturizer also, and then I have some La Prairie eye situation…it’s the caviar one, in the little blue jar. I use it under my eyes and on my forehead, because I feel like that’s where you show age.

Katherine: But your forehead never sees the sun.

Hillary: It’s my own completely untested theory. [Laughs] I also have a renegade brow—it’s like two armies that want to meet in the middle and take over my forehead. I see someone at Wax on Melrose; I get them done every four months or so. I use that little Benefit brow kit that has a light powder, a darker powder and a wax. I love it. I love a brow—my day to day is a brow, bright lipstick, and tons of mascara. I love mascara…I spend maybe ten minutes putting it on every morning. I use three every day: Chanel Inimitable in black, the new Lancôme Doll Lashes, and my favorite of all favorites, Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, on top and bottom. I think the lack of smearing is amazing. The formula is so genius—to have it waterproof without the stiffness.

Katherine: Waterproof but it comes off at the end of the day. I switch mascaras all the time but I do love that Bottom Lash. But I’m really into making skin look even. Like sometimes I’ll skip mascara but I’ll make sure there’s no redness or spots on my skin, and I’ll always have a little blush. I wish I could just wear no makeup. I use the tinted sunscreen from our dermatologist Dr. Kest, and Clé De Peau concealer on my little spots. Then I’ll take a little Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and just put it over the red areas. For blush, I have this really old Stila compact and also I have this Smashbox pale pink cream blush that I really like. I’ve always been fair-skinned though, and I don’t really change color. I was recently reading Julianne Moore’s book— Freckleface Strawberry—to my best friend’s five-year-old, and she was like, “That looks just like you!” [Laughs]

Hillary: But Katherine changes her hair more often than anyone I know, aside from Eva Chen. Your’s was really long, and then you cut it short, and started experimenting with color. You’ve had a lot of different looks over the past couple years which I think is cool.

Katherine: Well I went darker for our second book…they wanted us to look different. [Laughs] Then I went back to red; I started putting Henna on my hair when I was twelve. I was a redhead until I was probably twenty. Now it’s unintentionally ombré’d…it just kind of grew out.

Hillary: You’re like Drew Barrymore—you can pull off almost any hair color. There are some girls who can carry different colors…I am not one of those girls. I’m good as a bright blonde—a super blonde.

—as told to ITG

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