Shelley Edmunson, PhD Student

Shelley Edmunson
Shelley Edmunson

'I live in Martha’s Vineyard year-round; my grandmother lives here and I’ve spent every summer here. I’m actually starting my graduate studies at UNH, up in New Hampshire—I study the conch fishery here. My beauty routine? [Laughs] I just take a shower—an outdoor shower. I like Purpose cleanser, and I mix up shampoos…whatever’s in the outdoor shower, I guess. [Laughs] Lately I’ve been using L’Oreal, the one in the pink and green container that’s Rosemary and Juniper, you know? I’ve been into those lately. I like Alba Botanicals Green Tea and Aloe face lotion, and the Alba sunscreen is really good. I’m out in the sun a lot doing research on boats, so my hair just gets naturally lighter. I don’t wear any makeup, ever…pretty boring. [Laughs]'



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