Denise Kreft, Senior Account Executive, BPCM

Denise Kreft
Denise Kreft

'I’m a beauty publicist—I work with Diptyque, Tata Harper, Sisley Paris, Haven Spa and Eve Salon. I’ve always loved beauty—it’s funny, my family wanted me to get into fashion because they were in the industry, and I think beauty was my way of rebelling against them. [Laughs] I’m super duper picky about what I use. I’ll try everything but skin care; I have really picky, acne-prone skin. I’ve had to tell skin care clients before, ‘There’s no way I could try your stuff.’ I like Tata Harper’s line. The only reason I tried Tata is because A. If you meet the woman, her skin looks flawless, and B. Because all the products are 100% natural. My skin reacts to chemicals once in a while, so I switched over to her stuff, just because there’s literally nothing bad in it. Her cleanser and her floral spray are my favorites, but I also love the Nutrient Complex, which is kind of like this little roller ball facial oil. For SPF I use the Sisley All Day All Year. Anybody who lives in the city needs to wear SPF—I apply it in the morning, mid-day…the Sisley isn’t greasy. I don’t wear makeup to work. If I ever do, it’s a bold lip or a brow. Right now I’m wearing MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Love Forever. It’s one of the only pinks that’s ever worked on me, and it stays on forever—I don’t have to worry about reapplying it every fifteen minutes. Sometimes I’ll wear tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier—seriously I’ve tried them all, and it’s the best one for me. It’s gotten a ton of awards, and usually I get really hesitant to try those things because I know certain editors have to talk about certain brands for a reason, but this tinted moisturizer is really good. For under-eye concealer, I use Clé de Peau. That’s the best concealer on the market. And sometimes I’ll pencil in my brows a little. Yasmin at Haven has spent two years working on my eyebrows, shaping them, and eyebrows seriously make such a huge difference. She’ll tell you, ‘They can take years off your face, they can add years to your face, they can make you look angry, they can make you look happy.’ And it’s completely true—if your brows look good, you don’t need much makeup.”

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