Sofie Makridi & Natalia Georgala

Sofie Makridi and Natalia Georgala
Sofie Makridi and Natalia Georgala

One thing of the many things I noticed in Paris this season was how many French fashion students stand outside the shows, waiting for the models to come out, or just to see any piece of the action. Of course, these girls (and boys) are camera-ready themselves. Let's talk about Sofie and Natalia's hair.

I was recently in the company of superstar hairstylist Didier Malige, who happens to be French, and who also happened to look at my hair, smile, and say, it looks so clean. Granted, I had just washed it that morning, so it was pretty darn cookie-cutter smooth and admittedly limp. But ever since then I've been thinking about French girls' hair. They don't wash it every day; they might not even brush it. It's got a touchable, dry-finish, slightly mussed quality about it. It's not dirty, it's in-between and perfectly undone and cool. Sofie and Natalia couldn't tell me anything particular about what they do to their hair, which, unfortunately, isn't helpful, but further validates my point: it seems most French girls do less, not more.

I've been experimenting with different dry shampoos in recent weeks, trying to recreate that coveted day-after-washing-but-not-3rd-day-greasiness, and have been successful with Klorane's Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. It's light, not too fragranced, and super effective. In my dreams it would also give me Natalia's subtle, gorgeous ombré color, but even a French product can't do that.