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It was Aesop devotee and jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe who first alerted us to the existence of Aesop Animal, a version of the brand's marvelous shampoo—formulated for pets. Seeing that ITG has recently become occasional host to Chino, Shiba Inu and resident office mascot, this was of exceptional interest. It turns out, plenty of human brands (Kiehls, Malin + Goetz, Burt's Bees...) make products for man's best friend (also, cats). Frivolous? A tad. But why should the pet of a beauty junkie not get to reap some of those rewards?

With that question in mind, and some help form folks over at BarkBox, a site that sends monthly boxes full of new treats to dogs (and their humans), here is a quick and dirty review of the best dog shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming tools to use if you're interested in product-matching your pup:

Chino [photo 2], and owner Rebecca, are already loyal fans of Aesop Animal—after two washes, Chino's skin is noticeable softer and the frequent washes aren't drying out Rebecca's hands like other brands have the tendency to do.

Tulip [3] tried the neroli-scented Malin + Goetz Dog Shampoo, which left everyone involved (owner and photographer included) smelling fresh and clean, but not artificial.

Audrey [4], a toy Australian Shepherd with two coats of fur, benefitted from the Kiehl's Spray-N-Play Spritz, which is just as effective as a full soak, but infinite times more efficient because, as the name suggests, a quick spray is all that's required and you're on your way. No bathtub full of water or resulting cleanup needed.

Willie Nelson [5], a 12-week-old Great Dane/Tree Hound mix (who happens to be up for adoption through Friends With Four Paws, if you're looking for a new roommate) got a bath from Foster Mom Melissa in the Burt's Bees Oatmeal Shampoo, a calming formula to help with dry skin and the dandruff he's currently suffering from.

Got any favorites? Let us know—Chino's always looking for good recommendations...

Photos at BarkBox HQ by Tom Newton. 

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  • kamo12

    I grew up with a Shiba Inu and always learned they were not supposed to be bathed often - they clean themselves like cats (for real) and have more sensitive skin and fur that can dry out easily. I would trust a more gentle and natural brand like Aesop to not strip oils, but please remember that all puppies have different grooming needs! Just like some people need to wash their hair everyday and others only a few times a month.

    Also kudos to anyone that can keep a Shiba in a bathtub.

    • Mina

      This made me laugh - I have a Shiba, too! You are right that they are not supposed to be bathed often -- I only tried once, and came away more wet than he did, and with quite a few scratches:) Don't even get me started on the Shiba scream...

      • Rebecca_ITG

        Chino is my pup and its totally true that Shiba's should be rarely bathed! He only gets a bath everytime the season changes (4 times a year), but more reason for it to be a luxurious experience that I can splurge on ;)

    • softy

      i think my shiba is the only shiba in the world that behaves in the bath! he stays completely still and sort of accepts his fate. here's my sleepyhead.

      • Anita

        I wish my Shiba was as calm as yours, bathing her is a nightmare. My neighbour once thought we were abusing her because of her barking.

  • Sara C.

    Ahhhh Great Dane mix! So, so cute. I have a Dane (and I attached a picture because, why not), and I rarely feel the need to wash him, other than maybe a washcloth and some soapy water if he gets into mud. They have very sensitive skin and too much washing can exacerbate that. Adding oils to their food, or checking for food sensitivities can help, too.

    • katiedid13

      He is beautiful!!!

      Came here to say all of this about Danes! And that they are the gentlest souls. I hope that little Willie Nelson finds his forever family soon! Here is Ruby, aka Sad Eyes McGee, my main dane.

  • JSL

    I keep dog shampoo far away from my boxer, Saku. Whenever he's been shampooed, within a day or two he's covered in flakes, scratching madly, and he gets smelly again very quickly. Bland craft soap works really well, as does unscented liquid Dr. Bronner's soap. The less I mess with his skin, the fewer flakes and itchies he gets, and the longer he can go between washes. And I figure since his sense of smell is so good, why punch him in the nose with something perfumed? Ultimately it's about keeping bathing as short, effective, and un-traumatic as possible.

  • Haiku Jew

    Doggie decadence
    our pets deserve pampering
    they're four-legged friends.

    • Emma Hager

      My mother sent this to me the other day of my dog, Sage. I call it the Lick of Indifference. A wildly cool expression of nonchalance that the human race has not yet mastered.

      • ITGFerber

        the dog equivalent of the casual hairflip

        • Emma Hager

          You're so right.

  • KC

    i wash my dachshund/pomeranian/chihuahua (we think) mutt puppy semi-often, since he hikes a lot and gets super dusty. and especially since he likes to cuddle in our bed. we use the burt's bees no tears puppy shampoo and it's awesome. of course i'd love to pamper my puppy baby with aesop shampoo but...something tells me he just wouldn't appreciate it enough to justify the $40 price tag.

  • Emma Hager

    Chino's a G!

    • Rebecca_ITG

      Thank you Xx

  • Johanna

    My old dog Bridget once got away from the house at night. She had allergies that affected her skin and coat at the time. A neighbor found her and before turning her over to the cops to bring her home, they gave her a bath with Head & Shoulders. It worked wonders on her coat. We bathed her with it until she passed away and now use it on our new dogs Dasha and Molly. It leaves their coats so soft and nice-smelling. I also recently bought the Kiehl's spray for Molly and use it between baths. Love it.

  • Al

    I only use John Masters shampoo and conditioner on my dog. If he had shorter hair I would prob just use the shampoo but the conditioner is great for him. He's extremely soft after, has never been dried out or had a bad reaction, and it is all natural, organic, and cruelty-free. And he only needs to get bathed approx 1 month (or when really muddy :) I know people have used Dr Bronners too but heard it can be really drying for their skin sometimes.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I use Jason Tea Tree body wash on my dog. I'm certainly open to checking out other brands though!

  • Gigi

    I used the Aesop brand on my corgi Poe a while ago for multiple washings (double fur coat.) On the plus side she smelled awesome. On the downside, she got dandruff.

    I've moved to Happy Tails oatmeal products. She still smells good and the dandruff is gone.

  • charmystique

    Awww that Shiba Inu in the bathtub is the cutest!!! I use Plush Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner on my two doggies, and they smell and feel amazing after. I got it from my groomer, but I believe it can be found online. It also lasts forever because since it's so concentrated you'll mix a little with water.

    Dogs shouldn't bathe too often because it dries out their skin. Depending on whether they're outside or inside dogs, I would say an average of 3 weeks is more than sufficient. One of my dogs cleans herself like a cat, and once she's done, grooms my other dog too. I find a good brushing helps with the shedding, and keeps them cleaner.

  • kim

    I don't have a dog but I do buy Paul Mitchell Pet products for my boyfriend's dog (corgi) and my brother's dog (pug). It's tested on humans and not pets so that's always a plus! Also, obligatory photos because they are adorable.

  • Seemee

    I use Ducray's Extra Doux shampoo. It is not formulated for pets but it is do gentle that I once tried on my dog and I don't use anything else since that. It is silicone, paraben and phynoxyethanol free, plus it does not sting the eyes. Its biodegradable as well.


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