Promise Phan’s ‘Angelina Jolie Makeup Transformation’

As much as we love being ourselves—and we do—the opportunity to assume the identity of a fabulous celebrity is a tempting one. You know, just to see what it’d be like. Especially when that celebrity is a starlet renowned for her humanitarian efforts, her brood of babies, and her incredibly handsome (if reportedly very au naturel) ...fiancé (?). It could also have something to do with the included Oscar and the castles in Europe. While we can't all be blessed with Angelina Jolie’s lips or, really, any of her parts, we found a miraculous tutorial that can get us a lot closer to her trademark smoldering, Brad-Pitt-capturing good looks.

And with Halloween tomorrow (we’re pretty excited), we say there's no better time to check out Promise Phan’s (sister-in-law to Michelle) plethora of videos that truly demonstrate the transformative power of makeup. With her guidance, you can become the Corpse BrideJessica Rabbit, or even Scarlett Johansson. Given Phan’s complete transformation into Jolie in the above clip, it’s no wonder her view count is close to 20 million. Brush up (no pun intended) on your contouring skills—the incredible cheekbones, narrow nose, and angled jaw will require some shading of the highest order. So take a moment to indulge in some insane makeup artistry, and perhaps get another last-minute costume idea, too.

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  • Aubrey Green

    That's amazing.

  • Emily Knott

    Make up can do the most incredible things!

  • Leslie

    Her makeup looks Amazing!


  • Chantel

    This is awesome.

  • Jessica

    Amazing. Incredible transformation. I am in awe.

  • Jaqueline Gracia

    So we are just a one make up session far from get Angelina´s image?
    Ohhh boy you make me so happy, even my hubby

  • MyLuciteDreams

    Absolutely incredible!

  • Nomadic D.

    Holy crap this is insane! At first I thought, well yeah, if you start off looking kind of like her then it's easy. And then you see the actual before! Probably the most dramatic makeup transformation I've ever seen. I am so impressed.

    • ElegantLady

      good grief.. are we still this unhappy with ourselves? do we need to look like someone else? and why would any young woman apply SO MUCH products to her eyes, face, lips.. this is a hot mess of a look, imo. The idea of creating is appealing -- the finished look, while being totally different from the original girl, is so laden with contouring etc... it screams lack of personality/insecurity. Sorry kid, jmho.

      • Cate

        Because Halloween?

  • FM

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  • Mina

    Honey, Angelina Jolie is not a "starlet". She is a straight-up star. The word starlet is reserved for B-list (and below) actresses.