Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen


Between this summer’s Wonderland magazine eye experimentations, Derek Lam’s Spring 2014 homage to Minimalism, Emily Ratajkowski’s blurred clean lines, and Miley Cyrus’s precision (if we had any takeaway from the “Wrecking Ball” video it was that Miley (or her makeup artist) has a seriously steady hand), meticulously applied eyeliner is everywhere we look.

While we may turn to khol for a moody, smudgy smoke show, nothing beats a felt-tip liquid liner for precision, and Tom Ford's pin-thin Eye Defining Pen (in Deeper) features not one, but two applicators for the glossy, inky makeup, which (once drawn on) will. not. bleed. Like a dual-sided Sharpie, the shorter, sharply-pointed tip on one end delivers detail, while the longer, flat tip on the other end is designed for impact. Turn the long tip sideways to glide on a Bardot-esque flick, using the short end to fill between the lashes, or, employ the smaller tip to create the thinnest streak, for a nearly imperceptible eye lift. Any way you draw it, you've never felt more in control.

Photos by Mathea Millman. 

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Tom Ford Beauty
Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen