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How To: The Derek Lam Eye

Yesterday, we saw one of our favorite makeup looks of the Spring 2014 season so far: Tom Pecheux’s Donald Judd-inspired lids at Derek Lam. In fact, we loved the look so much that we cornered the Éstee Lauder makeup artist after his girls walked the runway and asked him to show us how to achieve that “graphic and contemporary” look at home. Sure, not all of us can have the legend apply it himself, but here's little visual explanation to make D.I.Y.-ing it that much easier. (To recap: Prep lids with a glossy nude shadow; draw 'tilted' boxes with a black pencil; fill in boxes with cream shadow using a square brush; bat lashes.)



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  • Lana

    LOVE this look, especially on Ms. Emily :) !

  • Chesley

    Can we get a rundown of the specific products he used?

  • Katie

    Products/tools used?!

    • ITGNick

      They're not out until Spring '14...

  • Cléa Owens

    Yes please! Looking oh-so-lovely Emily

  • Bells

    You look amazing! And... DAT HAIR. Is there a new "Emily's Essentials" piece in order? :)

  • Joy of Stranger Sensibilities


  • Bella

    Exquisite Emily. And cute and sweet, too :).

  • Alejandra Leon

    This look is impossible for hooded eyes like mine. Still this look is sick. Love it.


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