Key Son’s Model Workout

Key Son's Model Workout

We learned quite a bit about our bodies from talking mini-movement workouts with Key Son, but being more of a hands-on-learning crowd, we asked Son to make us a ten-step, basic workout we could test out. So, from Son's mind to your home/gym/home gym*:

All you will need is a mat and a resistance band, and it can be done anywhere. [Updated to add: Follow along with the video here]—

  1. Standing Reach, 20 repetitions: Stand up straight, feet under your hips, and reach down with straight arms at 45 degrees, bending at your waist, like you’re going to pick up an object that’s four feet away from you on the floor. Then come back up. That’s going to wake up the back of your legs, your core, and prepare you mentally for your workout.
  2. Modified Lunge, 20 reps: Stand with one foot in front and one foot behind you in a standing lunge position, with both legs fully extended. Your front foot and your hips should face directly forward. Place your hands on your hips, and, keeping your back leg straight, bend your front knee 45 degrees until it goes just over your toes, and then return. After 20 reps, switch sides. This will decrease the appearance of the knee fold above the kneecap. You can see results within a week.
  3. Modified Single Leg Squat, 20 reps: Stand on one leg, and, like your lunge, bend your knee to 45 degrees (just above your toes) and return to standing straight. After twenty reps, switch sides and repeat.
  4. Single Leg Band Press, 10 reps: For this, you’ll need the resistance band. Attach it to something sturdy behind you—like the leg of a piece of heavy furniture—or have someone hold it. Face away from the band (you can step a little further away for added resistance), stand on one leg, and, holding one handle of the resistance band in each hand, start with your arms bent with your hands next to your rib cage. Press both arms forward, as if you were doing a push up, until they are fully extended. After 10 reps, switch legs and repeat.
  5. Prone Isometric Stand, 20 seconds: Get into pushup position, keeping your stomach tight, and hold that contraction for twenty seconds. If it’s too difficult on your hands, you can do this from your elbows.
  6. Single Leg Row, 10 reps: Using the resistance band again, this time facing the band, stand up straight on one leg, and, starting with your arms straight in front of you and a resistance-band handle in each hand, face the insides of your palms toward each other and pull back the handles with your elbows. Pull back as far as you can go—your hands should go past your body. After 10 reps, switch legs and repeat.
  7. Compound Row, 20 reps: The compound row is a little bit more advanced. Standing a little further back, still facing the resistance band, and, holding one handle in each hand, reach forward and bend at 45 degrees, just like the first exercise in this routine, and keep your arms straight. Then, stand back up, and at the top of your movement, pull your arms straight back with your elbows. This is a combination of moves 1 and 6.
  8. Crunches, 100 reps: Any style of crunch is fine here.
  9. Knee bends, 40 reps: Lie back on your mat with your arms flat on the floor at your sides. With your feet planted on the floor and both knees bent (90 degrees is advanced), pull your knees into your chest, using your lower abs, then return your feet to the floor.
  10. PNF rotation, 20 reps: Using the resistance band, stand beside it, and take one handle in both hands, pulling it from one side to the other with straight arms, twisting at your waist. (So, if the band is on your left side, twist and pull the resistance band to your right side, 180 degrees, and then turn back.) After 20 reps, switch sides. This will work on the internal and external obliques, tapering the waist.

Repeat this circuit 3 times, resting 30 seconds between exercises and two to three minutes between circuits—minimal resting periods elevate the metabolism, using more calories. Use enough resistance to reach 20 reps comfortably, twice a week, then more often with strength. Incorporate two additional sets of cardiovascular work a week, like walking, for 45-60 minutes."

Let it burn, ladies.

*[Ed. note: You should only do the following if you feel comfortable and can handle it (i.e., have no preexisting medical conditions, are in good health, etc.). Take care of yourself!]

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  • bibi

    I love mat and band exercises but I wish there were pictures, having a hard time visualizing the correct form with some of these and I want to try them!

    • MsDenbi

      Yeah, I like the descriptions, but I would really appreciate pictures or a video...

    • Dounia

      I agree ! Why don't you guys post a video, PLEASE ?

      • Lauren

        Absolutely agreed - video would be incredibly helpful!!

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          We're working on a video!

          • Nomadic D.

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            Where are you, video?

          • MsEaves

            Are you guys still considering making a video? It would be much appreciated!

  • Cat

    bibi, a lot of these exercises are similar to the ones you can find in the workouts at Women's Health Mag online, they have pictures so maybe that could help :) I have been doing some of those lately and they definitely get your heart pumping.

    • Lina

      thank you! that helped :)

  • Cat

    Continued from my comment above, I like this one in particular!

  • cat

    love this article, but like others have said, some photos/diagrams depicting the positions would help a lot :)

  • Chantel

    Thanks for sharing these workout routines.

  • Kate B-blog

    yes me too,for french people it's very hard ;-)

  • Cat

    Hahaha yeah that sounds weird the way he said it. It just means you pull the handle (in your hand) by pulling your elbow back. Like when you open a door! But with both hands at the same time, that's why it's called a "Row".

  • Leslie

    Will definitely be trying these at home!

    Thanks! (please include pics next time so I know if my attempt at these is right! haha)


  • Medglobe

    Nice post. I have some tips on beauty and health on my blog.

  • jessjara

    Marissa Tomei did a workout video with him a few years ago. I think it's called Core and Curves.

    • Meflt1

      Thanks for sharing. I just looked up the DVD Core and Curves and purchased it on eBay for $5.

  • Leetoki

    Gotta add my voice to the 'Wow, I'd love to try this but cannot conceptualise the movements AT ALL' bandwagon. A follow up video for this would get great!

  • blushingincolor

    I love stuff that you can do at home, I save time and money and still stay in shape! What can be better? Thanks for this!

  • Violeta Marniku

    You have already been too kind, but it would be immensely helpful if you would post pictures too. Thank you, team ITG :)

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    Great post!

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    I'm definitely going to give this a shot! Sounds like fun, and easy to do in my living room!

  • Ivy

    wish there is a video to follow!

  • Tory

    Check out YouTube under Core and Curves Marisa Tomei; there are clips of the exercises to get you started.

  • mary

    need pictures please. This can be interpreted many ways.

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    VIDEO, please! xxx

  • Laviza Shariff

    A video or pictures would be great !!!sounds like a good workout but
    Difficult to visualize given the descriptions. Thanks.

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    Love crunches! I've been following this guidance to really work on my form and strengthen my core:

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    A video would most certainly help a girl out!!!

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    I love apartment-friendly workouts that don't involve squat jumps! My downstairs neighbors thank you!

  • Jessica Anna

    Recently I've fallen in love with at home workouts and easily done moves for small spaces. I love the idea offing able to work any muscle or body parts you like in the comfort of your living room or bedroom, this is so helpful!

    Jessica Anna


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