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When it comes to Top Shelves, we are the worst offenders with regard to buying anything/everything our beauty friends and heroes tell us they use. “You do what?” We ask them to repeat, scribble notes into our iPhones, and place orders online. This was especially the case when Courtney Love answered the door (!) wearing a Bioxidea Miracle 24 face mask, and then proceeded to tell us:

“I love it. I got it at Sundance, and I'm on my last mask right now. I'm tweeting them tomorrow three times. I need more! They also have one for your hands and your feet, which I did last night. There’s even one [for your neck and] your titties. I haven’t done the boobs mask one yet—you just stick it on your tits, apparently. I have to try it. But I did the foot one and the hand one yesterday, and it makes my skin crazy. It’s like I just had sex for four days.”

Yes, we wanted to go to there. (And not just because her skin looked and felt—yes, she asked us to feel her face—amazing.) And just this week, we heard that Ms. Love had called in the full-body Bioxidea suite to take on the road with her for her summer tour (which kicked off last Saturday, and includes a show at Brooklyn’s The Warsaw tonight). So we placed a few calls ourselves, and got the whole Korean-made line to play with in less than 24 hours. As if Courtney’s above description didn't already have us convinced, she e-mailed to reassure us that they’re “by far better than SK-II masks. They're just amazing, and the serum [in the mask] literally melts into my face and makes my skin better than it's ever been. It's really a full-service serum that literally vanishes into your skin; it's like a membrane."

Here’s the deal: Bioxidea’s gel-like masks are not for use in public—you look like Hannibal Lecter wearing an oversize pair of gloves, gnome boots, a set of  lily pads on your “titties”—but, they only require 15 to 30 minutes of your day to get your skin glowing like a newborn (apt, considering they all smell like baby powder). The multi-layered, serum-drenched masks deliver free-radical fighting antioxidants and amino acids via a patented "Bio-Cellulose" hydration method, which is apparently a fermented coconut-juice agent that makes your skin just soak it all in. After taking off the gelatin-esque layer, pat the remaining nutrient-rich ooze into your skin. Your body will feel super smooth and positively sponge-like in its ability to retain moisture for the next 24 hours (hence the name)—an effect Love likened to post-o glow—and, when used over time, the masks are even supposed to reduce the appearance of facial expression lines (and perhaps those stubborn neck rings, too; we'll see). Celebrity skin, indeed.

 Ali Michael photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on July 25, 2013.

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  • Cate

    Unrelated, but you should do an Ali Michael interview! So uniquely pretty and such a good personality.

  • Lauren Ashley

    OMG. I never knew how much I needed these! I was in S Korea a few years ago and couldn't stop staring at the women there - they all had such amazing skin. Like shockingly amazing. I stocked up on masks and tips to bring back, but I hadn't heard of this line. I might just have to treat myself ...

    • murt

      There are quite a few East Asian (Korean and Japanese) brands that sell similar products.... I wonder how they compare to this.

      • Guest

        Their masks are anti wrinkles for whole body and to be honest I did not see anything similar in Europe, maybe in Asia, but quite not sure

  • smd2111

    Yes! Ali Michael.

  • Guest

    At $60 a pop, I wish I could just "call them in." Oh, well. I'll probably end up trying the hand and foot masks. Who needs food , anyway?

  • Crotchless Maxipad

    I want to try these ever since she's been giving the company attention.

  • ITGNick

    There are also "Diamond" (sensitive skin) and "Gold" (oily/acneic skin) versions of the masks, which are both paraben-free. Just added them to the Products section above!

  • JC

    Most Bioxidea products are paraben free and by September 2013, all of their products will be 100% sulfate and paraben free. FYI: most cosmetics on the market in "2013" have parabens.

  • JC

    Most Bioxidea products are paraben-free and by September 2013 all of their products will be 100% sulfate and paraben-free. FYI: most cosmetics in "2013" have parabens.

  • charo

    oh rite, Ali Michael has the best skin. There's no point.

  • Alexa

    Also unrelated: any intel on those jeans?

  • Isabel

    Let's talk more about those "stubborn neck rings"

  • Jacqueline Fonte


  • Sasha

    Seriously.....that model is what.....17?? maybe 20?!? Why the heck would she need this mask? lol. I refuse to believe any mask will make you look 17 again...sorry

    • Jane S

      She's actually 47. Those masks are amazing!!! ;^)

  • ITGMackenzie

    Hi, Unhappy Customer,
    That sounds similar to the allergic reaction I had to Bioxidea's Miracle 48 Diamond mask, but I tried the Miracle 24 mask and really loved it... I'm kind of addicted to them now. Maybe your skin is sensitive to one of its ingredients?
    xo M

  • Sofia

    Do an Ali Michael interview!


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