The “KY Style” Eye: How-To

"I love that poppy, 'J.Crew catalogue' lipstick look, but it seems like everyone is doing it now," Kate Young told us the other day. The stylist (between working with Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, and Jason Wu, she's also found time to design a Target collection) and longtime Bold Red Mouth devotee explained, "I love a red lip, and it's still the easiest way to look pulled together, I think, but I felt like I needed a new makeup...thing." Thus it came to pass that she, along with the help of makeup-artist pal Frank B., devised a modern take on the classic cat eye: focusing on the inner and outer corners for a graphic effect, and leaving the center open. We spied her in the look at a fashion week event and immediately asked, "How did you do it?" And then, "Actually, will you show us how?!" Well, voilà: an in-Gloffice how-to. Assemble your eyeliners (one pencil, one liquid) and have some cotton swabs at the ready, because, if you're anything like us, this is an instantly want-able—and pretty easily recreatable—look.

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  • marije

    can you please tell me what kind of hairpin is used in this video?

  • julia

    She looks beautiful in that last shot! It's worth trying!

  • Guest

    I'm intrigued. Do you think you could publish step-by-step still photos of the process?

  • Charlotte Goldfarb

    Yes - hairpin intel please!

  • murt

    Great look! She looks beautiful in it - really brings out her high cheekbones.

  • Angela E

    I love this look and tried to reduplicate it. Kate looks like she has fairly round eyes like mine, but mine look rounder when I do this and hers turn into Kate Moss cat eyes. Can't figure it out...

  • hithaonthego

    I'm 100% doing this for a wedding I'm attending this weekend.

  • isilnoir

    thank you, really nice video. i've been looking for a different eyeliner look to do and this is really awesome. looks so good on you, but maybe i can rock it too. i'll give it a try tomorrow morning, thanks again!

  • Lucy Apted

    She is beautiful, definitely going to try and replicate that!

  • Serena

    Could you post some photos of the final look or even step-by-steps??

  • Moni Araoz

    mmm I need a step by step! I'm terrible with makeup I need to study the whole process hahaha

  • Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou

    I have tried so many times to get this type of cat eye right and I can't. I will try your way too.

    See you in my blog, maybe.



  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    I absolutely love it. So freaking classy and cool. Dig.

  • Asia Lawson

    Perfection! Definitely going to try this next time I go out. I love that Nars lip pencil too. Might have to pick that up!

  • Cat

    Love! Trying this ASAP.
    Question for people with a "bony" face. Do you ever feel like a winged liner makes you look kind of... evil? Haha I'm serious.

  • Charlotte

    Great tutorial! Can't wait to try this. On another subject, I tried looking through the archives but I couldn't find a recommended place to get your eyebrows waxed/threaded in NYC? I seem to only find the places that leave me with pencil thin eyebrows, and I'm terrible at doing them myself.

    • Soma

      Browzone, the one near NYU. Hate pencil thin brows, too, and I have never had a problem with this place. Been going there for the past 4.5 years.

  • Pop Bijoux

    GREAT. I LOVE Kate Young she has the best style, such a great idea, almost French, she deliberately isn't trying hard and it still looks simple and rockn'roll

  • Ae
  • Bells

    Kate Young is so pretty, she reminds me of Alison Mosshart and Kate Moss!

  • astor818

    Should have been easy but instead turned this morning into a mad makeup redo. Need a step by step.

  • Susan

    I love the video but I can't even really see what the look is supposed to be in the end. Would be a lot more helpful if we could see a closed eye shot post pencil and one post liquid as well. I'm really confused about what the end result is supposed to look like!

  • valentine

    It is really bardoesque, especially with the updo at the end.
    I love it!

  • Janet

    love it!

  • PepeChiu

    beautiful... almost very Charlotte Tilbury'esque! :)

  • sophie

    her and kate moss