The Graphic Navy Eye


One of the best makeup looks from the recent fall/winter 2013 collections was surely the opulent glitter-encrusted blue eye that Diane Kendal created for Thakoon. Of course, both of those elements—blue and glitter—can go so totally wrong, but still, it was a runway moment we couldn't wait to tackle on our own. And we figured out the exact recipe during our playdate with Self Service, way back at the beginning of Paris Fashion Week.

The takeaway (after working out the look with the lovely Loulou!): top lid only, drop the glitter, and make it matte. Matte and opaque. Think Sharpie.

Start by building a graphic shape across the lid with a flat synthetic brush (Sephora Classic Concealer Brush) and Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Intense BluePlay! There is no "right" or "wrong" shape. We like it sort of flat across the crease, coming up into a point past the inner and outer corners. Fill in the shape with the cream. And here's a tip: if, in the end, it doesn't match, or you want to tweak the shape, go the reductionist route—use a Créaline-soaked cotton swab as an eraser. Then, use a dense eye shadow brush (Sephora Pro Shader Brush #18) and NARS Outremer Single Shadow on top. Take your time and build up the opacity, switching back and forth between both eyes. Skip the mascara, brush up those brows, powder your T-Zone, swipe on some lip balm, and you're good to go...almost anywhere. I mean, Loulou kills it in a t-shirt. But that's also because she's Loulou.

Loulou Robert photographed by Ezra Petronio in Paris on February 26th, 2013. Makeup by Emily Weiss. Part 3 of an ITG series with Self Service.

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  • Jane Stouffer

    It also helps to be 20-years old and a gorgeous model!

  • Lindsay Sue

    Looooove this. Now I have an excuse to buy the NARS Outremer shadow. I also want to try it with orange as DK did in the SS13 Chloe show. Bold moves for Spring.

  • nicolecontrol

    HUGE fan of an opaque navy eye. I used to do this in the 90's, and it is such a great look.

  • Genevieve Casey

    I love it. But actually I'm really curious about her peachy lip stuff. What is that? (If you don't mind.)

    • Dylan

      and the t-shirt!!!! Color & Brand! LOVE how it complements the eye

    • IntoTheGloss

      It's Loulou's natural lip color! Just some Eight Hour Cream on top for a little moisture. xE

      • Genevieve Casey

        Haha--oh well for me. Thanks!

        • Irene C. Tromp

          Clinique have the superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Mango and that gives the same effect and colour as her lips. If your lips are a bit too dark, put a little (a LITTLE) concealer on them first and then apply the Clinique balm. Works for me and I have an olive complexion!

          • Genevieve Casey

            Wow thank you!

      • Celeste

        What about her skin? A graphic eye only works well with perfect, hydrated skin :) Do you have any tips? (Stating the obvious: Loulou is Gorgeous!)

  • Stacey Nishimoto


    • mickharper

      Thanks Gussie!

  • Amanda Leigh

    Love this look... but it doesn't look as blue as the intense blue and outremer eye shadows. Is this all that was used?

  • Anna

    wow, great polaroid shot!
    blogerki modowe

  • murt

    I think I'll try this but I'm very wary about pairing it with the matte skin.... I've seen quite a few women around wearing the matte skin look, and it so often - to my eye - looks like they're wearing a mask which is a look that I don't necessarily like for day to day. Maybe it's just too-heavy foundation that's the culprit though and not necessarily the matte skin.

    • Jill

      If you mist on a bit of Evian spray or MAC Fix++ after you apply powder, your make-up will look more lived-in and natural

  • Jennifer Monforton

    I've been loooving blue eye makeup lately and this is such a simple, yet creative way to go about it! Thanks for sharing :)


  • Hannah

    Blue eye make up looks ridiculous with my blue eyes so I'm attempting this in bright freaking purple tomorrow

  • Haute Inhabit

    I like this! A lot!

  • Marie Olsson

    This does look amazing but sadly I can't see myself pulling it off :(

  • Alissa

    What brand of camera do you use? i really like your pictures a lot :)


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MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream Intense Blue
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