Emily’s Essentials: April 2013


Having to do my own “Top Shelf” is always a great incentive to go through my cabinet and streamline my routine. The truth is, it’s already fairly curated, but there’s just so much stuff (we’re talking several freezer-bags on the floor, a shoebox of makeup wedged next to the sink, and several empty bottles in the shower) in that lil’ old bathroom that sometimes I don’t even want to go in there. Can I get a "Hell, yes!" from my fellow beauty junkies? I sympathize with those Hoarders, I really do.

But the other day (yesterday) I took a good hard look at myself in that Ikea mirror and said, 'Emily, it’s time to clean.' I plugged my iPhone into the speakers (thus rendering my phone unusable, which is of the utmost importance in this case) and put "Pusher Love Girl" on repeat. What you’re about to read is the freshest, most honest account of the “keep pile,” straight from my I-know-it’s-empty-but-I-really-love-the-packaging heart to yours.


Oh, hair. This might be the first time in my life, I realized when opening my medicine cabinet, that hair products outnumber skin products. And I have a secret: I don’t know what to do with any of them. Okay, that’s being dramatic—shampoo and conditioner, sure—but Microweb Fiber? Refresh Dust? Rough Paste 12? Where are we, Home Depot? Whipping short hair into shape is a whole process where, on a good day, it has just the right amount of grit/hold/volume. There is, unfortunately, a fine line between “textured” and “greasy,” and that line is actually more like a tightrope. Forego all product after a shower and my carefully constructed (thank you, Didier) chop—because, “bob,” really?—naturally parts, stick-straight and shiny, into what I call my “Argo look.” My clean short hair is simply not cool. And so it’s come to pass that I have a small army of goos and dry shampoos/texturizing sprays that I reach for at random. Oribe’s Fiber Groom, Redken’s Rough Paste, and Sebastian’s Microweb Fiber are all similarly effective pastes, which I generally “cut” with Bumble and bumble Texture cream and rub between my palms before manically running my hands through damp hair. They generally impart a je ne sais quoi, insouciant, vaguely French Girl quality to my ‘do. No matter what you’re using, I think the most important thing is not to use too much—that kills the whole thing, and there’s no going back (unless it’s back to the shower, in which case, it’s all about David Mallett’s super-luxurious, paraben-and-sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner). And once the hair’s finally looking right, on goes a mist of L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.


All right, so I’m not such a slacker in the skincare department, either. But I absolutely need the following “Hall of Fame” (around here) products: Tracie Martyn Amla Cleanser (why? See: Stevie), Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser, which also removes eye makeup—2-in-1!, and Bioderma Créaline, for those lazy nights and even lazier mornings. Moisturizers come and go, but the perfect cleanser is hard to come by. Once squeeky clean, I mist with thermal spring water (La Roche Posay, at the moment) to neutralize any minerals from that rough-and-tumble NYC tap water. It’s one of those things a really chic French girl told me was an absolutely essential thing to do, so I just do it. Also, in apparent essentials: antioxidants. I’m still on the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel and AOX Eye Gel, which go on bare skin pre-moisturizer, serum, what have you, to fight free radicals, which, some would say, are evil cousins of UVB/UVA rays. And on that note, confessional time:

I rarely wear face sunscreen. Or, WORE, I should say—I’m a reformed woman, after having been slammed at a dinner party for my ignorant ways. If you have any suggestions for a non-greasy but MOISTURIZING, not stinky, not chalky face sunscreen, send them my way. For now, my favorite solution is Natura Bisse’s The Cure cream—a balm-like tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that leaves you looking luminous. I sort of forgot about Natura Bisse after my affair with their Oxygen Cream several years ago, but rediscovered it recently and am also feeling the Intensive Tolerance Booster, a silky fluid serum that’s said to combat inflammation. I’d say inflammation is best controlled by martinis-and-sushi in moderation and not a $225 serum, but hey. Sometimes you need to call in the big guns.

Rounding out the face department: still going strong with Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning, after all moisturizing (either the Intensive Tolerance Booster or my trusty Joelle Ciocco Complex Vitamine) has taken place. I’ve also been dabbling with Dior’s brightening DiorSnow eye cream since discovering some brown spots beneath les yeux. More reason to prevent rather correct!


Inspired by the Phoebe Philos and Isabel Marants of the world, I’ve been going pretty bare lately. So much so that when I do do my makeup, I tend to refer to it as “slapping on some rouge.” Funnily enough, there’s not even rouge involved—just some fail-safe staples: my trusty MAC shading powder palette (learn about it here), Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation (in two shades, so I can adjust according to season), Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil Duo in Black/Brown, and Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes mascara. Lips have been getting the royal treatment with Homeoplasmine (the French pharmacy ointment beloved by many a makeup artist) for a matte yet moisturized effect, or else a swipe of Tom Ford’s new Lip Color Shine in Nubile, a perfectly pinky-tinged nude. When I forego foundation but want a little glow, I’ve been reaching for Stila’s Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm. I’m completely baffled by BB creams and have largely chosen to ignore them, but this one worked its way into my cabinet and heart. If it feels like a tinted moisturizer (or “diet foundation,” as Harry Brant aptly referred to it), and looks like a tinted moisturizer…right? I mean, god bless them if they also nourish and protect your face. The smell of Stila's version leaves something to be desired, but the texture is phenomenal, and it sort of plumps up your skin in an I-just-had-sex-or-did-Bikram-yoga sort of way. In an effort to be a tad more matte—as is the look these days [see here]—I’ve been dusting Bobbi Brown’s White Retouching Powder over my T-zone, and in one final push to “pull it all together,” I’ll groom my brows with Anastasia’s perfect-amount-of-pigment Tinted Brow Gel. I can’t be bothered with a brow pencil, though Sania (of Sania’s Brow Bar) made a pretty convincing case for hers during a recent visit. She also told me my brows were “doing nothing for my face” before completely reshaping them, which made me fall totally and completely in love with her.


I acquire body lotions and creams solely based on the recommendations of others. Garance vouched for Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, saying it leaves a sexy, barely perceptible sheen (sans any glitter) on bare arms and legs. Sold. Azza Yousif introduced me to Topicrem, an instantly-absorbing “body milk” that’s perfect for those of us who suffocate under even the lightest moisturizer. Done. And Tracie Martyn said her hush-hush celebrity clients use her Resculpting Body Cream not only on their bodies but also on their necks and faces because the stuff’s so damn good. I’m not sure how much resculpting a topical product can do, but we are going to find out. I brought Nars' very intense-looking Body Glow oil with me on vacation to see what that was about and am now obsessed—do not be discouraged by all the glitter in the bottle. Just rub a little bit between your palms and over any exposed body part (legs, arms, collarbones) and watch what happens. You glow—glow like Gisele—and it doesn’t look like you have anything on. I exfoliate my legs once a week with Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub (St. Ives Apricot Scrub also rules but is a bit more intense) and hit them up afterward with the matching Body Balm. Oh, and the piece de resistance? Gillette Mach 3 razor. After all, it’s shorts season.

—Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss, in a Kate Young for Target Peter Pan Collar Dress, photographed by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/yessicakm Yéssica Klein

    Roc's minesol oil control is the best sunscreen there is! It doesn't melt on your face (I know, 'cause I live in Brazil) and it's got a mousse texture. Skinceuticals has a very good tinted sunscreen as well, a bit chalky but it stays dry all day too.

  • Boston8paws


  • Katie Stratico

    i recommend neutrogena sensitive skin sunblock. my face can't handle chemical sunscreens, so the physical blockers (titanium dioxide & zinc oxide) in this one are perfect for daily use. and yes, it's a teeny bit chalky, but as long as you "cut" it with moisturizer like you "cut" your hair products, it's virtually invisible, and that chalkiness just turns into an all-day matte effect.

  • http://twitter.com/schmangelo Angelo

    I live for the St. Ives apricot scrub. So cheap but definitely a sure thing. Just wouldn't use it more than once per week.

  • http://www.radartothescene.com/ Shana

    Peter Thomas Roth's Clini-Matte SPF is great!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christine.a.stevens25 Christine Stevens

    I love your site! And the top shelf articles are definitely what hooked me in from the start, and I especially love the "Emily's Essentials" features - you're always giving me new ideas (read: obsessions).
    For sunscreens that aren't gross (I know what you mean - I had an Obagi sunscreen that smells terrible and has a pearly pink-white hue to it, a big no-no on my lightly olive skin), I have to give a big thumbs up to:

    Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15 (they have a cream version that should be more moisturizing). It feels extremely light on my face, has a very pleasant, fresh scent, and (bonus!) has a light yellow/beige tint that I like to believe is color-correcting. Score.

    Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 50 is a super light, very fluid sunscreen with no offensive scent. Plus, it comes in the super chic, tiny packaging that Vitalumiere Aqua does. The SPF 50 is a nice boost for the scorching Florida summers that I endure.

  • http://twitter.com/aprilbm aprilbm

    I swear by Glymed's moisturizer. It's my best kept secret. Super light weight and oil-free. Perfect for summer and I layer it with a heavier moisturizing cream in the nyc winter. http://www.glymedplus.com/store/display/38/37/photo-age-environmental-protection-gel-spf-15

  • minic

    Glo therapeutics is a great sunscreen --oil free, SPF 40. I never used sunscreen (except like 15spf in foundation or moisturizer which is not enough!) until a facialist "prescribed" this to me. It's soft and works great under makeup. Price is good, around $40 I believe!

  • daphne

    Hey Emily, what is that little pot of MAC next to the GA Maestro? Thanks!

    • Bells

      Looks like a Tinted Lip Conditioner :)

  • hollygoeslightly22

    Argh! Now I'm inspired to do a beauty purge! I often open up my medicine cabinet and sigh - where did all this stuff come from?! Then I peek in the shower and groan because I can see a plethora of products staring back at me.

    I love the 'no make up' look for Mon-Fri. The Harry Brant write-up steered me toward the AmorePacific tinted moisturizer and I've never looked back. SPF 20 and it feels so light. Plus it gives that healthy glow.

    I've wanted to try the NARS body oil for a few years and I think it's time to invest since summer is right around the corner.

    Emily, thank you for the pre-weekend inspiration.

  • http://www.ofstrangersensibilities.com/ Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    Great exhaustive list. Thanks. I should have known hair that good would require a lot of work.

  • http://twitter.com/JosephSlaich Josef Šlaich

    As a beauty editor I recommend new CC cream by Omorovicza. It has SPF 20 and smells like jasmin with citrus-y notes. I'm also a big fan of Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50. I'm now on my fourth bottle and can't live without it. Both creams are super sheer and make your pores smaller.

  • Rachel

    Olay Complete All Day UV moisturizer for sensitive skin is really moisturizing and has SPF!

  • http://twitter.com/TheDPU DietPhiloUnderground

    EltaMD is good stuff.

  • Lizzie

    Neova makes the best sunscreen. super light and absorbs super fast

  • Kate

    Cera Ve A.M. lotion. And Clarins makes a good undereye sunscreen

    • Cat

      I just got the Clarins one and I am hooked. Don't ever want to go without it.

  • Lily A.

    Emily, you're perfect! Love hearing about your beauty fav's.

  • Tai Anderson

    Sigh. Now THIS is how it's done.

  • nicolecontrol

    Regarding SPF - I swear by La Roche Posay fluid in SPF 45. I just take my regular moisturizer in my hand, squeeze some of the SPF, and then rub it all on my face. It's light and practically undetectable. Gives the luminous glow, though. Kiehls in SPF 50 is similarly good.

    • Poulette

      Not to be preachy, but Just know that by doing this you are basically negating the effect of your sunscreen - they should be applied in layers, not combined...

      • Pollito

        Well, probably not negating it per se, but certainly diluting it A LOT. I think this could be Ok for the winter, but in the summer, you really want the actual spf stated on the bottle, and that's not what you're getting when you mix.

        • nicolecontrol

          Why? If you use the exact same amount, how is it any different? I repeat what I said above... lots of moisturizers have SPF in them. I can't imagine this is any different.

      • nicolecontrol

        Moisturizers have spf in them all of the time... and once on the face they are combined. I understand your point, but I really doubt it's a huge deal. Also, every other piece of makeup that goes on top has sunscreen in it. But thanks!

        • Poulette

          I guess that's the point, they shouldn't be combined - if it's a chemical filter it needs to soak into your skin for 20 min before applying other products - serums, moisturizers etc - in order to provide full protection. A blob ( so technical!) the size of a quarter is a good indicator that you are applying the correct amount. As for SPF in makeup, no one ever applies enough to get protection from it, plus it might destabilize the ingredients of your SPF. If the LRP has Mexoryl SX you should be okay as that's about as stable as they come... If you are applying enough.

        • Bells

          But do you really trust the SPF of makeup products? I always apply my sunscreen before them. There are some great moisturizing sunscreens out there – you could even skip the moisturizer altogether if you can find a good moisturizing sunscreen. Diluting foundation with moisturizer is one thing, but you shouldn't mess with sunscreen formulas – even when it says in the bottle (or it has an ingredient that you know) it's photostable, a chemical ingredient of a moisturizer might alter its efficacy. When in doubt, choose the safer way! ^^

          • nicolecontrol

            I have to tell you guys, at first I thought you were all plumb crazy. How could it possibly matter, I kept asking myself. So I did some research. Consider me schooled.

            What I learned was that while mixing moisturizer with SPF could result in dilution, there was a worse sin I was committing: not putting the SPF on before everything else. Chemical sunscreens need to be absorbed by the skin and so your moisturizer should come after. When I read this, I had an aha moment. Because of course that makes perfect sense.

            I do love to save a step, but from now on... SPF first.

          • Nina

            Hey, didn't know this either. THANKS!

          • poulette

            2 souls saved! :-) glad you did some research into this, and that you know that we were coming from a good place in terms of giving this advice...

  • Prenouveau

    I have been using Elta MD UV Facial SPF 30+ sunscreen after I saw it recommended by Michelle Harper in Top Shelf, and it matches all of your specifications. Light like a mousse, colorless once blended, no offensive smell, not greasy, moisturizing. And cheap :)

    • Jacqueline Vo

      I second Elta!

  • juliet

    I too, hate face sunscreen... but I wear it b/c I hate sun damage more. The one I like the best is the Renee Rouleau Daily Protection. It leaves my face WAY less stick than any other ones I've tried! I also heard 3 Lab has a good one.

  • Jane S

    Two great sunscreens worth trying. Start off with Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50. It's pure sunscreen plain and simple. Wear it on its own or custom-blend it with your own favorite moisturizer or foundation. Then throughout the day, brush on some Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Instant Mineral SPF 45, a sheer translucent powder that protects but doesn't interfere with your makeup. There's a version for oily skin too. Comes in a neat tube with a swivel-up brush, so there's no reason not to toss it in your bag.

  • Cat

    'from my I-know-it’s-empty-but-I-really-love-the-packaging heart to yours'
    OMG, I love you Emily. I thought I was a freak.

  • http://glitterandgapske.blogspot.com/ Alyssa Gapske

    Stop it Emily. You're making me want to chop my hair!


  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Love this! So glad you did your own top shelf! I'm obsessed with the Bioderma, and not just for lazy days, it's my only cleanser now!


    And I'm so curious about that Armani Maestro, I tried it for a few days with a little sample and fell absolutely in love with it, but I know it has a high alcohol content so I'm a little wary of using it on the regular. What are your thoughts?

    And now I have a growing list of things to try: the kiehl's creme, the stila bb cream, the clarins self tanner, and most of all, that Nars glow. I've always been so curious but it really does look intense in the bottle. I might just have to get some for my upcoming Mexico vacation though!


  • http://glitterandgapske.blogspot.com/ Alyssa Gapske

    And Olay UV moisturizer is the best. Not greasy and I have never gotten sunburned while wearing it. My body might, but my face never ever does. It's remarkable.

  • susan

    i also love the bb texture cream. i see redken's thickening lotion 06 peeking out the back...love that as well! enjoyed reading your topshelf emily!

  • jenny

    sunday riley cashmere sunscreen is THE BEST.

  • Kristien

    Not sure if I'm echoing anyone who's already suggested this, but I love Olay Complete All Day Moisture with SPF 15. It's unscented, not greasy at all, and nice and lightweight. It's the perfect amount of moisture for me, and the bonus is that it's also a sunscreen.


  • Sunday
  • http://twitter.com/Michelle_LLA Michelle

    Continuing my love for all things Oribe, I really want to try the Fiber groom now!

  • Lavang

    I love love love Natura Bisse Intensive Tolerance Booster. It is amazing for sensitive skin, especially when you are hormonal and your skin is going crazy. I absolutely hate that it is so expensive though. Such a crime!

    For sunscreen, I recommend Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. It is one of those shake-up ones, but has a universal tint to avoid that chalky result. I am quite fair and really picky about "universal tints" (sometimes too orange, tan, etc.), but I've been really liking this one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tylereustice Tyler Eustice

      I love the Intensive Tolerance Booster too! I am not crazy about the rest of the NB Ceutical line (except the sunscreen and Rosa Mosqueta Oil) but this is a must have serum. It feels so nice on the skin and for someone who is very sensitive as well, it's immediately calming. Redness is gone.

  • meghan silva

    Love posts like these I learn more and more.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Amazing picks! I'm always inspired by your seasonal favourites. Luxurious, but practical! I'm totally tempted by the SkinCeuticals serums and the Tom Ford lipstick (sorry, wallet). And I recently bought an Aesop Body Balm (in an amazing Tangerine, Vanilla, and Sandalwood scent) and have been loving it! xo

  • Rifka

    I second the CeraVe mention (it is also the best IMHO for treating redness...and it's my uniform). For something even more moisturizing/balmy - check out the Bobbi Brown tinted balm - spf 25 and fab for parched skin...

  • Margarida Coimbra

    I've tried a lot of french pharmacy Sunscreens but they are all greasy and have this white appearance. My last discover is BIORE AQUA RICH SPF 50, this is a Japanese sunscreen and is the best discover in the last times. It's water based so its absorbed in an instant, light texture, leaves the the skin matte and it doenst smell to the usual sunscreen. You must try it !

  • ROKderm

    Love this! I need to do a spring clean/ update of my cabinet as well.. You didn't mention your nighttime treatments though.. whats your stand on retinoids?

  • daphne

    Emily, you should check out Japanese sunscreens. Some contain less alcohol than others and some have no alcohol. Either way, if you like GA Maestro, many japanese sunscreens have the same type of silky-dry-evaporating texture!

  • Holly

    Clarins UV Plus Day Screen! Light, non-greasy, smells lovely, NO gross sunscreen smell.

  • http://twitter.com/ChasaDominique Chasa Dominique

    I mix my Being True Moisturizing skin-tint with Avene's Hydrance Optimale w/ SPF 25. Such a creamy and smooth blend. Leaves my skin soft, dewy, and sun protected.

  • Antoinette

    I don't know how you feel about coconut oil, but that has an SPF in it and very good for your skin.

  • Bennett

    I always love love love the top shelf posts. A peek into someone else's beauty ritual is fascinating. And always inspiring- like when you decide to kickstart a new workout routine. Invigorating, usually expensive, and then the inevitable far fall from the wagon back to brie and truffle butter baguettes, brownies, and bottles of red wine to the backdrop of weeks long hbo marathons.

    Garance once responded to a readers question about how she would go about creating a minimalist, functional, and fabulous wardrobe. It was a great post...


    I would LOVE to see an ITG post that responded to the same question but for skincare. If you had to create a minimalist, functional, and fabulous skincare routine (for the self proclaimed lazy among us) what would it be?

    • mylifedoesntfit

      yes. minimalist for all different price brackets too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andi.henke.7 Andi Henke

    Emily, your natural look is beautiful! I agree with your regimen that is focused around healthy skin, not covering it up! xx


  • Angela_E

    Lovely dress. It looks great on you!
    As for sunscreen, I burn and freckle like crazy and have tried them all. The So Cal sun is brutal on my skin. I keep going back to La Roche Posay SPF 15 (the one with Mexoryl). I've tried the Avene and others meant for sensitive skin, but they all turn my face into an oil slick (the bad kind of glowing) or I look sickly pale. I mix the La Roche Posay with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, then apply the concoction to my face. It works great for me and I never burn.

  • deadwood

    for a non-greasy, moisturizing, not stinky, not chalky face sunscreen, try Clarins UV Plus HP Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 40

  • Ariel

    Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen - the absolute best, lightest, non-chalky, silky smooth face sunscreen.

    • http://www.thewayweliveonline.com/ Kristie


    • Belle

      I alternate between this, La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Daily Anti-Aging Primer and La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid.

  • Lindsay Sue

    Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream is my go to. I think Sephora has a mini version which is good for the purse/on the go.

  • Bells

    I vouch for Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+, fragrance-free. It's very photostable, has Tinosorb S and M and the texture is great. You feel moisturized but not oily.

    You look so perfect, Emily. Take extra care of that beautiful skin of yours with sunscreen! <3

    • eastvillagesiren

      Do you live in the U.S? I've looked for the Euro version you recommend and only found it in one pharmacy here in NYC.

      • Bells

        No, I believe this one is hard to find in the U.S., since Tinosorbs haven't been approved by the FDA yet. I bought mine in Germany. :)

  • Kharina Sterner

    Thanks for sharing, this is such good fun!

  • asol

    Can I just raaaaave about Josie Maran's argan oil moisturizer with SPF 40? It's physical sunscreen, doesn't leave any white cast, leaves your face BABY SOFT, and gives you a really, really nice dewy look.

  • thisgirlloveschic

    such a great post and blog! love it! i am a new follower for sure :)

    This Girl Loves Chic


  • Ashleigh Augustyn

    I swear my heart stops for a split second when I see a update for Emily's top shelf

  • Ivy

    For sunscreen, I love Shiseido's Anessa collection. It is the best. I would recommend the perfect UV Sunscreen SPF 50 for the body, and mild face sunscreen SPF 46; they have been become summer staples for me. However, I believe the Anessa collection is only available in Asia...

  • Ashleigh Augustyn

    Swear my heart stops for a split second when I see a update for Emily's top shelf

  • http://www.facebook.com/sacha.strebe Sacha Strebe

    For non greasy 30+ sunscreen without the heaviness then you simply must try the amazing Cosmedix Reflect 30+ sunscreen spray! THE BEST

  • Terrie M

    Brilliant top shelf! My favorite so far. Curious as to how/why your experience with Natura Bisse Oxygen cream ended? I recently purchased a massive tube of it ..Also is that the TF Nubile on your lips in the photo? Thanks :)

  • rachel


  • Paola

    Hey Emily i have the perfect sunblock , my dermatologist highly recommended to me more than a year ago, it works amazingly well and leaves your skin soft, moisture and its oil free the name: GENOVE EXTREME SUNSCREEN LOTION i hope you can try it on !!!

  • Emily

    Emily, you look great! xx

  • lisa Lisa

    A few natural powerhouses! I live a very natural + clean life as I have a passion for health/wellness, am healing myself of a chronic illness through nutrition and lifestyle and believe that nature holds all the secrets -

    sunscreen - Josie Maran SPF +40 . Best on the market plus it's natural. I've tried them all.

    concealer - RMS 'un-cover' up

    lip balm - Hurraw - vegan, raw, beyond moisturizing aka don't have to apply every hour

    face wash/scrub - Divine Botanicals - 'Honey I shrunk the pores '

    smoothest skin ever - Dry Body brushing and then Jojoba oil or coconut oil with grapefruit essential oil (amazing for cellulite too, no joke! Miranda Kerr swears by it, and I've seriously seen a difference)

    I have a few more goodies + insane all natural products but these are my favorites!

    secret tip - Aloe Vera - Juice in smoothies + straight pure Aloe on your face. It is like an instant face lift

    I have a blog that is ALL about health/wellness/nutrition as I study to be a holistic health coach, combined with Fashion as I graduted from FIT last year :) Brining beauty and the concept of finding your GLOW from the inside out! It is my true purpose and passion.

    xx Lisa


    • Janine

      I second your opinion on Josie Maran's SPF. I refuse to use products with avobenzone (95% of the sunscreens out there has it--and I'm p*ssed) and titanium dioxide clogs my pores in a bad way. Josie Maran's is the best the best. Plus it has absolutely no scent...none...nada...zilch. I love it.

  • renp

    Em, i love your Giorgio Armani red lip look! my fave look ever! x

  • Liv

    I have been loving the Shiseido sun protection. I believe it's better than La Rosay Posay

  • Yalooblue

    BIORE Uv Aqua sunscreen! Cheap as hell ($12), in a blue tube. I'm on my 6th tube.

  • marina

    Best sunscreen (and this is coming from a total sunscreen hater) - Skinceuticals physical fusion http://www.skinceuticals.com/_us/_en/category/physical-fusion-uv-defense-spf-50.htm

    Seriously great stuff. Doesn't feel, smell, or clog pores like ordinary sunscreen.

  • ATCodinhaFan

    But Alessandra wrote a piece on sunscreens a while back...

  • Sooishi

    Great Top Shelf! Thank you Emily

    Best sunscreen brand?
    One word: Esthederm

  • Laura

    It is always nice to see your routine. For spf I like ren (tinted and untinted) spf, omorovicza does great ones too (tinted and untinted). Bothe lines are silicone/paraben free. Btw: have you tried yuli? They do the best antioxidant and other serums out there. I am addicted to the line!

    • Win

      What have you tried from Yuli? I was curious about checking it out

      • Laura

        I have normal to dry skin so I use the yuli Metamorphic elixir day and night followed by the antioxidant/ferulic acid liquid courage for am and modern alchemist (retinol serum) for pm. Once a week I do the pure mask to exfoliate.

  • anonymous


    Dermalex Sun Velvet Gel SPF30 and

    Frezyderm Sun Screen Velvet Second Skin Face SPF 30.
    Once you go there, you will never look back. The best! a second non greasy, velvet skin.

  • http://twitter.com/MarketMavenNYC MarketMavenNYC

    IsClinical Sunscreen both Tinted and Regular do the job but I'm also loving Cane & Austin's SPF 50 Sunscreen. It is perfection and you can find out more about it at SpaceNK USA.

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I'm a Shiseido devotee for face spf. I use the blue bottle face/body spf 50 lotion, and keep a LRP anthelios XL spf50 in my bag.

  • kittygirl429

    great post! i really like shiseido's anessa sunscreen. i think it's an asia exclusive, but it's available through some online retailers though.

  • Bev

    The Brow Sculpting Pencil from Hourglass will change your life; it instantly shapes and fills in your brows! Also, your skin will love anything from CeraVe and Dayle Breault (Goddess of Skin). Both companies are excellent for people with sensitive skin.

  • Guest

    Skinceuticals makes a great sunscreen that you would probably enjoy. The only reason I stopped using it is because it looks utterly stupid on brown skin.

  • Shannon

    Devita Skin Care Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30. It's zinc oxide, but super thin, not chalky and is the only thing I've found to work for my super sensitive, fair skin. It's rated very well on the EWG website as well.


  • alison

    Emily, you have to try out Dermalogica SPFs. I HATE the way SPF feels and these actually feels good, doesn't smell, and doesnt make your face white, unlike La Roche Posey SPF. The oil free 30 spf and the 50 builder (which can be mixed with moisturizer)

  • Amy Zeng

    Try Coola's organic cucumber scented sunscreen. It smells amazing, and it works really well too. I'm super acne-prone and this doesn't break me out at all =)


  • Cara

    What happened to your favourite Koh Gen Do foundation?! Is the Giorgio Armani one better?

  • http://twitter.com/serenab123 serenab123

    Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30 is a miracle! i have sensitive skin and it works SO SO WELL.

  • Clo

    Sunscreen - have you tried Nuxe Ecran Prodigieux? Super light, not greasy and smells great. I'm pale and burn easily and it works amazingly for me.

  • Gina Carpellotti

    I swear by Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40. I use it under liquid or powder foundation.

  • Nina

    I've only just now, at the age of 25, started to wear daily spf moisturizer (Eve Lom spf 15, it's amazing) all year round, and I wish I'd started YEARS ago! Since I'm very pale I'm extremely careful not to get burned ever, and I'm definitely not a sun addict, but still. Would love to try that one from Clinique by the way, but it smells so harsh and chemical to me and I've heard it can be quite irritating on sensitive skin.

  • Tiffany

    Try Eminence Organics Sun Defence Minerals. SPF 32 and it is a mineral powder that ranges in shades from translucent to bronzer. Super light powder finish and comes in a convenient tube/brush/pump you can throw in a purse for application throughout the day!

  • georgol92

    you should check out "Heliocare" some of the bests sunscreens!http://www.heliocare.co.uk/HeliocareUVProtectionRange.aspx

  • http://twitter.com/sarahclaire28 Sarah Atkinson

    My facialist recommended this EltaMD sunscreen for acne/oily prone skin and I love it! It's not at all greasy or smelly and goes on smoothly under makeup. Highly recommend.

  • Yana

    Best facial sunscreen - Josie Maran's SPF 40 w/Argan Oil!

  • http://twitter.com/saraandcompany Sara Howie

    I swear by La Roche Posay's Anthelios. Nothing absorbs into my skin faster. It's non greasy and made with the kind of sunscreen that doesn't give people man boobs. Moisturizing, not so much, but I slap some argan oil on beforehand and my face is ready to brave the beach! And of course, every other day of the week.

  • beautyandfollynyc

    In regards to the SPF quandary, you can use pure SPF on top of moisturizer, which is a great solution. Skin Ceuticals and Mario Badescu make wonderful products. As far as moisturizers that contain SPF, my favorites are Khiels Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF and Cle de Peau 'Protect' Broad Spectrum SPF 50. The new Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream is also good. Lastly, the Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Powder SPF 15 is another great product to set concealer/makeup an also protect.

  • CK

    You have to try Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50+/PA+++. It's pretty popular in Asia and it does not only protect your skin from the UV rays, it also makes it luminous.

    So luminous people will ask what do you do on your skin. Wearing this alone, people asked what I did to look "glowing". It's also moisturizing so I don't wear a separate moisturizer, just this alone.

  • CK


    I'm really curious about the Topicrem but cannot find any in my area. Do you think these will suffice?

    1. Mustela Stelaprotect Body Milk
    2. Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream


    I'm still searching for a Holy Grail sunscreen, at least SPF30 and fragrance-free, that will feel fine in this tropical climate I live in. Anyone? Must be available in Southeast Asia.

  • Manila Beauty Insider

    I am obsessed with Emily's Essentials!


  • addy

    Emily, have you tried the Jurlique sunscreen in the glass pump bottle? Hands down the best face sunscreen, non greasy or chalky. I put it on over a light layer of moisturiser and it makes my skin look awesome and protects! WOW

  • Alexia Garcia Enguelberg

    Gel -creme veloute Anthelios AE from La Roche- Posay Spf 30 & hialuronic acid. A really light cream that will protect your skin from the sun (I'm from Argentina and here the sun is really strong!), and the hialuronic acid will keep you moisturized. I used after my moisturizing cream (Vichy normaderm) or alone after the lotion. It's a MUST have!

  • megan

    Amore Pacific sunscreen is heavenly

  • Mariana

    I have oily skin and my dermatologist advised to always use sunscreen and recommended Heliocare SPF 50 ou 30. Never less if your skin tone is fair. I love it.


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