Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer

Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer

Is it cold where you are? It is very cold where we are. Bone-chilling, “real feel of 0 degrees F,” your-face-feels-like-it’s-being-pressed-against-a-wall-of-ice-when-you-walk-down-the-street, mother-f'ing cold. (Pardon our language, but nothing brings out the whole curse-like-a-sailor thing more than feeling like you are a sailor, maybe off the coast of Antartica.) So anyways, what does this cold snap mean for us? Gentle, thick moisturizers, bundling up à la the Michelin Man, and HATS! Which, of course, also means weird, flat, depressed hat-hair. Know what helps? Serge Normant’s Meta Lush Volumizer. Thanks to extracts of nopal (a cactus occasionally referred to as “prickly pear,” which is something we remember Baloo eating in The Jungle Book) and cedar bark, the spray makes your hair feel luscious and full, even after being jammed into or under some sort of fur/wool/felt heat-keeping contraption. Just spritz it on your towel-dried hair (“focusing on areas where volume is needed”—for us, that'd be the crown/kind of all over), style as usual, and enjoy the bouncy, fluffy, silky manageability, all the live-long day. And stay warm out there, guys.

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  • Holly Skelton

    Where can I buy this product and how much is it? Are there other products in the same range? Holly xx

    • ITGNick

      Hi Holly, You can buy it from Sephora right off our website--just click on the name of the product in our post, or click on the product photo under "Get the Products" (above). It's $23.

  • rachel forster

    Im actually curious about the beauty routines of black men. You guys should do a post


Serge Normant
Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer