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In other “not wanting to share” news, Phylia de M.’s haircare line (beloved by Jessica Alba and Kylie Minogue, we’ll have you know, and whose Connect we recommended to you last Sunday Spa Day) is too good to let leave your shower. Relying mainly on a blend of aloe and tannic and fulvic acids (supplemented with organically grown coconut, honey, chamomile, lavender, orange blossom, rosemary, wheat, seaweed, sugarcane, and a whole mess of delicious things that would make one very weird salad), the shampoo and conditioner are hell-bent on renewing the natural keratin in your hair. (This is important.) Also, they're pretty much the best thing we’ve used on our manes in recent memory.

Phylia’s philosophy is based around viewing your hair as a plant [2-3] (with parallels drawn between the soil-bed/scalp, stem/hair follicle, and so on) and nurturing the scalp and hair much like you would something growing in your garden (i.e., clearing away damaging toxins and encouraging healthy growth). “Commitment will reward you with results,” explains the accompanying booklet, and friends, they aren’t lying. The shampoo, an ambrosia-like honey-colored concoction called Clean, is imbued with an neroli/orange blossom scent, and is good for your nails and eyebrows, too. Think about how much time you spend massaging shampoo into your hair—now you can be helping your mitts at the same time! Combined with Condition, a nutrient-rich, creamy conditioner full of chamomile that's light enough to be a leave-in but perfect as a rinse-out, our hair was left feeling soft, looking shiny, and, call us crazy, seeming a bit more more plentiful. (Not crazy! According to Phylia, their products promote hair density.) If the New Year is supposed to be about a “new you,” why not start from the top?

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  • eastvillagesiren

    Since the hair is technically "dead" protein, not sure how products can nurture it. Treating the scalp makes sense but unless you leave active ingredients on your your scalp long enough, I'm not sure how beneficial a "nuturing" shampoo would be. Their website does note the importance of scalp massage, which anyone can do at home regardless of what you use to wash your hair. Sounds like the products coat the hair strands so they appear/feel thicker. I didn't see any solid research on their website as to how their products thicken or nurture hair. So if you have the money and like fragranced hair products I guess they're nice. If their products are biodegradable, even better.

    • ITGAlessandra

      You are totally correct about the hair being "dead" protein, EastVillageSiren, but the philosophy of Phylia is focused at the "root" of the issue (har, har), less so the strand. Though, depending on your lifestyle, emotional/environmental stressors, your hair will appear and behave differently, dead or no. Consider Mean Girls, or the use of hair strands in drug testing: your hair is full of secrets.

      Also yes I think they're biodegradable, and not for nothing, but they smell awesome.

  • Beautyandtruth

    "call us crazy, seeming a bit more more plentiful. (Not crazy! According to Phylia, their products promote hair density.)"

    Ummm, come on. This blog is gorgeous and chic, but would do well to add a bit more common sense and evidence-based approach to its assertions about products. Do you really expect us to believe a few uses of shampoo and conditioner make hair more "plentiful" or "dense"? Think about it.

    • ITGAlessandra

      Oh Beautyandtruth, ye of little faith! (Thank you for reading, and for calling us gorgeous and chic, by the way.) Whether the noted volume increase was a placebo effect or you know, actual insanity, Phylia's claims of lessening environmental stress (and encouraging the lessening of emotional/physical, etc. stress) for a noted betterment of your hair does make some modicum of sense: I encourage you to check out their website for more ( We're also talking prolonged use. Not a one-time thing. And frankly, at this point, I'm just psyched to share an organic, small-company haircare line that really delivers great results.

  • Shari Castelli

    Love this stuff! The link above isn't working but should go here:

    • ITGNick

      Thanks. Link in article is updated!

  • Nina

    Can we please talk about Phylia again?! This line ROCKS. Been using it for 2 weeks and I'm already a convert, seeing great improvements with my fine hair. Shedding is reduced to almost zero, volume, softness and shine have increased. Yes it's expensive, but it's the first line of hair care I wanna keep buying. I used to use a bunch of volume products, but now I just need Phylia and leave my hair to air dry. PLUS - the shampoo makes a damn good face wash too, it leaves the skin clear, smooth and glowing. Genius!

    • hclsaltaicd

      Hey, I came across this product. I have fine hair but it's also greasy aka I have to wash it daily (max every other day)! All organic/natural shampoos I've tried so far turned my hair into a mess plus extra greasy roots. Is this one different?

      • Nina

        I know what you mean. I also have to wash daily and repeated use of Aveda gave me that greasy, almost waxy feeling too. Phylia doesn't give me the squeaky clean feeling "normal" SLS shampoos do, but I like that - it makes my hair way easier to style as it feels heavier and thicker. According to the woman behind the brand it takes a while for the scalp to adjust to SLS-free organic shampoos, and therefore one might experience a greasy feeling. Makes sense. I just make sure to really scrub my scalp (as stated in the directions on the bottle), leave the shampoo in for a few minutes and always wash twice, I think that helps a lot.

        • Dana

          Hi! How often do you use the connect spray?? I just bought it and am not sure how much I can use it!


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