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Let’s say you’re getting the heck out of dodge for the holidays and headed somewhere terriblement chic to hit the slopes—or, alternately, you live someplace far north of the equator (like us) and are staycationing in the cold. No reason to let your beauty regimen fall by the wayside! To help you in all matters below-freezing, here's Part Two of our Vacation Essentials (Cold Weather Edition):

In the winter, just walking down the street will leave you pleasantly bright-eyed and pink-cheeked—of course prolonged exposure, say, on a hike or windy chairlift ride, will leave you red-nosed, drippy, and griping about it. While you don't need to do a ton of primping (hats and scarves will cancel out much of your efforts anyway), it's important to up the soothing and protective elements in your skin-diet. Everything gets chapped, dry and irritated, and if you're not careful, that means you will look like you've been dragged through hell by a one-horse open sleigh.

Elizabeth, our resident ski bunny (pictured), volunteered her tried-and-true survival tips: “Winter is beautiful in theory, but after the holidays pass and the fresh white snow just becomes another obstacle in your trek to work, it kind of sucks.” Her biggest tip for keeping hair soft and strong (hers is especially so): intensive hydration in the form of thick conditioning masks, particularly the Kérastase Nutridefense Masque. It does wonders for dry hair in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes, once a week. Keep it on while you shave your legs— look! you just made time for a hair mask. She also recommends investing in a hi-tech hair dryer, to make sure you don't leave the house with frizzy or damp locks. We like the superlight T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer, which works faster than the drugstore versions thanks to ions or special molecules or something. If static happens throughout the day (and this being winter, static will happen), Elizabeth swears by Static Guard instead of hairspray. Really. “If you’re not into aerosols because you’re trying to save the world and everything (I get it),” Elizabeth adds, “a Bounce Dryer Sheet swiped through your hair is good for on-the-go, or a desperate moment. Maybe not so chic, but this is survival we’re talking about.” Also: hats! We love hats. Has your hair gone to hell and your head's extremely cold? Throw on a hat! Moncler’s got some sexy-Elmer Fudd-meets-Sasquatch things happening.

When it comes to your skin, yes, you still need sunscreen. Serious sunscreen. Especially when you’re snow-bound—the light reflecting off Frosty over there intensifies rays and can fry your face like a latke. So, be like our doctors from yesterday and practice safe sun with La Roche-Posay's light Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid or the Anti-Aging Primer with SPF 50, which just smooths everything out. But before you moisturize: exfoliate! We love Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant, despite it looking like radioactive silt (potentially from the bottom of some superhero fish tank), because the effects are delightful: clarifying, nourishing, gentle. Go crazy and leave it on for 5-15 minutes as a mask. Think about how good you look in bright blue. Really good. For a good moisturizer that's decidedly winter weight (read: thick), try Avène Cicalfate Restorative Creamonce recommended to Emily by human porcelain-doll Melissa Tammerijn. No wind is getting through this stuff, trust us. Show your hands love, too, with Sisley Confort Extreme Hand Cream (though it has no SPF, your hands should be inside your mittens). It's not oily and smells delicious. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant will keep your mouth covered and smooth, if applied a night as a sort of replenishing treatment.

Just because your face is being battered by wind, rain, and/or snow doesn’t mean you need to throw in the makeup-removing towelette; keep beauty simple, easy, and smudge-proof. The Cicalfate should help combat any skin redness you might encounter, and a drop of Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation (literally a drop—a little goes a long way) will even out a ruddy complexion like magic. Otherwise, everyone likes a little mascara (maybe not while skiing, but certainly après), and you can keep on keepin' on with your preferred brand without fretting about flaking or running (due to drying indoor heat or those I-swear-I-wasn't-crying wind-induced tears) just by adding a layer of Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat. Truth in advertising: this stuff waterproofs any mascara, and can be used for a midday refresh, too. For your lips, on the slopes, it's all about good ol' Aquaphor (Insider tip: buy the small tubes in bulk because drugstores tend to run out this time of year). But off, Lipstick Queen's multi-purpose Oxymoron Matte Gloss (we love Minor Crisis) gives you a natural-looking flush on lips and cheeks. You'll look pretty, not feverish (or that, too, but not our fault! We told you to dry your hair before you left the house!).

Extras: For skiers, snowboarders, or the sportier set (snowshoers?)—it may not be cute, but it’s very real: deodorant for your feet. Ski boots are sweaty, thick socks are sweaty, Uggs are sweaty... We'll leave it at that. Last summer, we professed our love for Gehwol Caring Footdeo, which will continue to save your soles during the colder months. Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Foot Deodorant Spray is similarly effective, perhaps a bit more powerful. No judgements. Also, your friend in this: Kleenex Pocket Facial Tissues. They're not sexy, no. But probably necessary, and remember, scouts: always be prepared.

Elizabeth Brockway, in Moncler, photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on December 20th, 2012.

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  • Bonnie Clyde
  • jediandgirippo

    Thank you for tackling the less glamorous subjects like foot sweat, underarm sweat, etc. It's such a refreshing change from the beauty sections of magazines that like to pretend we don't all have to deal with these issues in varying degrees. I love the honesty of your posts, keep up the amazing work!

  • Kitchen Afternoon

    yes on the tourmaline hairdryer! Claudalie divine oil keeps hair smooth too!

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    what if i want to look lame?

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    You are lifesavers!!!!

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    Regular reader, just wanted to delurk to say I love you guys. :)

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      Aw, thanks Catherine. Cheers to more ranting, raving and fawning from the Gloffice straight to your computer screen in 2013!

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    always have a huge jar of Aquaphor ..allllllllova yo boddy!

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    I've been using the dryer sheet trick for years! It can be so difficult to stay stylish in the cold, it seems that our hair and bodies just dry right up! Fabulous tips!