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There’s a saying made famous by John Fairchild, the former editor of Women’s Wear Daily (where both Nick and Alessandra clocked time), that goes: "Twice is a coincidence—three times is a trend." Well, the times we've heard about the myriad uses of coconut oil is way past three. Whether mixed with baking soda and arrowroot and swiped under your arms as deodorant (as suggested in the Moment For Deodorant comments by Gingeroo, Whitney Vesterfelt, and Valerie.CC); slicked on your feline for added shine (as explained to Emily by Sophia Lamar, whose cat Emily described as “so”); used for cooking (as instructed to Alessandra by her ballet teacher); or applied to your face (as advised by basically everyone), coconut oil seemed pretty close to a miracle substance, if what we'd been seeing/hearing these past few months was true. Time had come for a little investigative journalism (here’s where we put on our fedoras and slip out of the room—cigars optional).

First of all, a little background info: coconut oil's bad rap (in the nutrition community, that is) dates back to 1934, when Congress imposed a tax on imported palm and coconut oils, in order to protect domestically produced vegetable oils (less healthy for the bod, but better for the nation's wallet). In 1986, the National Heart Savers Association mounted a misguided smear campaign, including full-page advertisements in nationally distributed newspapers, against “tropical oils,” aiming to convince the consumer that palm and coconut oils would clog arteries due to cholesterol-raising saturated fats—when, in fact, the partially hydrogenated (USA-produced) replacements were the real offenders. Got all that?

But anywho, the public seems to have put their aversions aside and now coconut oil is everywhere. And, the applications are endless: as car polish, guitar-string lubricant (and, ahem, personal lubricant, though it reportedly breaks down latex condoms), mascara-brush cleaner, stress reliever (via oil massaged into your scalp)...and TONS of other health- and fitness-related uses. Coconut oil possesses an unusualy high percentage of lauric acid (more than 50%), which is both anti-viral (known to help treat cold sores, herpes, boils, acne, and warts) and found in breast milk. It also has a big ol’ helping of vitamin E, which is prime skin goodness, and its antimicrobial/antibacterial properties are said to help in preventing UTIs and yeast infections. Also, its very small molecular structure—this, according to a deep Google dive—allows for quick penetration into your hair follicles for moisturizing, and it increases your cell turnover rate, making it ideal for rejuvenating treatments.

But back to brass tacks: Emerald Carroll told us she uses it on her whole body and cooks with it, Lindsey Wixson is all about it, Carolyn Murphy “swears by” it, and Laurel PantinSharmadean ReidKeegan Singh, and Amanda Harlech have all touted it.

Why? It’s dope for your face. Says Marina Strom, one of the herbalists from the highly holistic Earth Tu Face (a bath/body line we love, which believes whatever you put on your body you should be able to put in your body—i.e., eat):

"We LOVE coconut oil: it's powerfully protective and hydrating, rich in minerals and nutrients that quench thirsty skin and it's molecular structure allows for easy absorption through the skin and gives it it's soft, smooth texture—not greasy. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of fatty acid esters that absorb quickly and efficiently and help transport nutrients to the cells. It's a natural sunscreen, high in antioxidants, prevents destructive free-radical activity (the primary cause of aging), and lessens skin spots and other blemishes caused by aging/over-exposure to sunlight."

Not to mention Earth Tu Face's coconut-and-cardamom Body Butter smells insane; we were thisclose to tasting it. Thankfully, the company's rep, Stephanie, told us that was A-ok, adding: "Marina uses it when she makes pancakes!" [Ed. note: Please, Earth Tu Face ladies, invite us to breakfast. Thanks!]

So, how/where should you procure your coconut oil? Via ITG word-of-mouth: for the high-end buyer into the whole 'cult-following' thing, Rose-Marie Swift offers a Raw Coconut Cream beloved by Stevie DanceRebecca Dayan, and Lisa Marie Fernandez.  If you're more health-store-inclined, Garden of Life sells a 16 oz jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for $10.99; and for those proud inhabitants of 'Spaceship Earth,' our man-with-a-plan Dr. Bronner sells a fresh-pressed, fair-trade, organic Coconut Oil that looks solid but melts immediately into a fast-absorbing fluid, which your skin just soaks up, sans residue and, contrary to our fears, without a lingering Mounds bar smell. Us? We're just loving the deeply moisturizing, all-natural, straight-from-the-earth glow thing at the moment. Whichever type you fancy (just keep it un-refined and organic), feel free to apply liberally, all over—seriously, whereverand call us in the morning. (Or just tell us about your adventures in coconut oil below.)

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  • Makeupart9

    I was honestly thinking about how we didn't see a post on coconut oil! I wash my body with Dr. bronners liquid soap in Peppermint and then just use pure natural coconut oil all over (costs 5 euros for a jar at my local supermarket). I feel squeaky clean and lavishly moisturised, in a pure and natural way!

    • Guest

      Finally bought Dr Bronner's, going to try this combination. For any Australians, you can find Bronner's at American Apparal

      • Elspbeth Hodgins

        This is my daily combination too!

        • NiggerThug

          WOW, obsessed with it are you?

      • NiggerThug

        And I'll bet you loved it!

    • NiggerThug

      Dr. B0NNERS soap sounds like something a f@ggot would shove up his buttt.

  • Nomadic D.

    Wow, that's a lot of coconut information! I have to say, coconut oil, argan oil... people to seem to be saying the same thing about all of these. I picked up jojoba oil as my first foray into oilsville and I love the stuff, so I'm tempted to try these other ones but honestly I'm just too lazy to do it. And I figure, if the oil I have is doing its job, what would the other ones add? Does anyone actually find there to be a difference between these trendy oils?

    • Suzanne

      They are different! I haven't tried coconut oil yet, but I've used argan, jojoba & rose hip seed; some are lighter than others, & they seem to differ depending on which brand you use. If you're only using them on your body, it probably doesn't matter, but if you're going to put them on your face, it's worth experimenting.

      • Nomadic D.

        Interesting... I actually do use it on my face (and only on my face), I've replaced eye creams with just straight jojoba oil, and any time I get a case of the flakies anywhere or start feeling a little extra dry I add a drop to my regular moisturizer as well. Which oil do you like best for your face?

        • Suzanne

          My favorite is actually a blend: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but rose hip seed oil comes in second. I found that jojoba was too heavy for me, & I thought argan was, too, until I tried the Josie Maran version, which is very nice.

          • kneelbeforetigers

            Same here... the Josie Maran argan oil is the only one that doesn't make me break out. It's genius. And cocomut oil! Wow, the uses! Night cream, hair deep conditioner, cuticle saver, foot softener....

    • Sarah

      I was wondering the same thing. I bought into the Argan Oil craze and did not regret it! It works very well with my skin (my skin has expensive taste, much to my chagrin). I tried coconut oil when it became the new "thing" and it made me break out. I have really dry skin (VERY flaky in the winter), so maybe when I need something heavier in a few months I'll give it a go?

      I also love using rosehip oil. But I find that rosewater from the supermarket used as a toner does the same thing.

  • topsy

    Already a huge fan. I love using it for my hair as an overnight treatment, it rinses out really well without residue (unlike EVOO). It can break people out too, if used on the face (just like anything really) but my skin likes it once in a while. But I still wonder about it's protein? I kept reading about it on makeupalley and people tell you not to use it too often. Does anyone know more about this?

    • Daze

      I'm guessing the protein issue with some people is because coconut oil helps your hair hold onto protein for longer (ideal for those with weak or breakage-prone hair), and this could be bad for those with protein sensitive hair. It's all about experimenting. My hair LOVES coconut oil. I receive tons of compliments on my hair the day after I use a coconut oil treatment (just extra virgin unrefined coconut oil, left as a hair mask for an hour or two, or overnight).

  • Kitchen afternoon has a wonderful coconut sugar scrub that is like showering in coconut cake batter, in a good way.

  • Marlene

    I've used expensive oils and lotions previously and have recently switched to coconut oil. To be perfectly honest, I can't tell the difference that former really made a huge difference even though the little blurb on the back promised all sorts of incredible miracles. I've gone back to using rosehip oil on my face and coconut oil on my body. Both are perfectly safe to be used by my little girl. I guess it's a case of don't mess with nature. Besides, there are no fillers or additives.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    What a cute photo! My boyfriend swears by cooking with coconut oil- it's super healthy and makes everything he whips up in the kitchen taste tropical :) It really does make a great moisturizer too!


  • kimberlyloc

    SO happy to read a shoutout to natural beauty on ITG! I'm a crazy oil girl, and coconut oil tops my list for hair treatments. Your deep Google dive proved right — there was a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Science (or something like that) about how coconut oil, when compared with mineral oil and some other junk, penetrates the hair shaft better and helps with protein recovery. AKA YOUR HAIR LOOKS THICK AND AWESOME. My other fave oils for hair are argan and avocado — pretty much any fatty oils help with luster. I don't use too much coconut oil on my face because it *can* clog your pores, but a dab here and there for luminosity (is that a word?) works wonders. I prefer jojoba (lightweight, unclogs pores!) on my face as well as fig seed, rose hip and tamanu. Keep these natch posts coming, please! xo

  • hannah

    well damn, looks like i'll be picking some coconut oil! thanks for this!


  • Emma

    While I love the idea of using coconut oil (or any oil really) on my body, I can't help but wonder about being "greasy." Is everyone's skin so dry that the oil is quickly absorbed or is there some trick to keep from being an oil slick and having your clothing stick to you? Emily, any thoughts on this issue?

    • katie chambers

      According to Ayurvedic practices, rather than putting oil on after a bath or shower, put it on (massage it in, don't just slather it on) beforehand. This always works for me, you get the moisturizing benefits and don't have any of that "greasiness" you were talking about. Its effect is extra nice if you use a scrub (Rose Marie Swift makes a really nice one!) in the shower to get it off. :)

    • Aya

      I mix coarse salt into mine and dry scrub in the shower (about once or twice a week). I then rinse and pat dry. I don't get dressed for a few minutes and after that I am silky smooth, and moisturized as well!

  • Guest

    Love coconut oil! I have combo skin and use it as a mask a couple times a week, or just a little as moisturizer, or even to cleanse at night. I especially love it for breakouts (LOADS of oil as a mask and then rinse and follow with clay mask- so good!), and for dry skin in the winter too (slather on in the morning, wipe off excess and go).

  • Guest

    Oh and also, I LOVE RMS products, but I will never understand why anyone would buy that tiny, overpriced container of coconut oil, when you can get a huge jar of Bronner's for six bucks.

    • Katie

      AGREED! Biggest rip off, but the packaging is so cute! I'm a huge fan of the Bronner's coconut oil.

  • Maggie

    I have a little bit of info to add to the eating aspect of coconut oil: One reason it is better to use for cooking is because it can tolerate high temperatures, while other oils (like olive oil) break down and become rancid when heated at very high temps. I LOVE using it for cooking, it still has that coconut taste to it. It's actually very healthy, despite the bad reputation it had. I get my info from "The Beauty Detox Solution" by Kimberly Snyder - she is a very credible nutritionist.

    • Katie

      I don't think Kimberly is that credible. While she definitely has some great info, she makes claims like you need to "alkalinze" your body, which to ANYONE with even a little background in science and nutrition knows that is a complete myth and total nonsense.

  • mollyboo

    I'm recently obsessed. It's so luscious to cook with. I keep a small Mason jar of coconut oil on my bedside table and apply on lips + face before bed. (When nobody's looking I eat it by the spoonfull!) xx

  • Yogini78

    I use it the same way you are supposed to use Eve Lom's cleanser, and in my opinion, it works MUCH better. Really great for dry winter months. I use it at night and only rinse w water in the morning. A warm wash cloth slightly exfoliates and removes the Coconut oil.

  • Alia

    I'm a big fan of coconut oil. I use it in my cooking and in my skin and hair care experiments. It's great stuff!

  • Guest

    mix with honey and coarse cane sugar for a lip scrub!

  • Lera

    I love cooking with it! I'll try it on myself :)

  • Jenn Blakes

    As someone who likes to minimize the amount of stuff I have, but also getting maximum benefits coconut oil has been THE thing. I put it all over my body, in my hair and on my eyes (I'm convinced it's also a miracle eye cream, slash it makes my eyelashes soft, haha). I find when I put it on my arms it lessons my keratosis pilaris, which is a real problem in the winter with all the long sleeve shirts.

    As a Paleo enthusiast we're all about this stuff. I put it in my tea, bake with it, cook my eggs and steak in it. Yes it's high in saturated fat, but people, did you know that this helps in fat loss? It keeps you fuller for longer too which reduces cravings. This and bacon are total super foods.

  • Jeremy Mathiou

    I'm a big fan of oils and coconut is one of my favorite. I use with a bit of aloe vera and no more gel on my wavy frizzy hair. I used to use it as a moisturizer on my body but now I have gotten a bit more informed and experienced with oils, I mix it with other (essential) oils. I like the fact that I exactly know what I put on my skin and hair and can adapt it to what I feel like I need. It's fun to do and it makes you save a lot! I won't say it reduces marks or wrinkles or anything more than any other branded serum/ moisturizer, but to me it surely doesn't do any less! So I'm very happy with it.
    The only annoying side of coconut oil is it gets solid under 25° Celsius (sorry but I'm very bad at Farenheit!)

  • AsphodelJones

    Just wanted to say, me too. I love to cook with it, slather it on my body (my tattoos love it), and, though I am more comfortable using jojoba oil on my face, occasionally dab it on after cleansing.

  • sallieforrer

    Yay for coconut oil!! I'm also a huge fan of the stuff. It's great as a body moisturizer or massage oil (I like to do my feet and legs after a workout) and its truly truly a miracle for your hair. A lot of people tell you to sleep with it in, but you don't even have to leave it on that long to get awesome results. I like to fill my sink up with hot water and then set my jar of coconut oil in it for a few seconds to warm it up, then I massage it into my scalp and run it through to the ends of my hair. Hang out for a minute or two - floss or something - then jump in the shower and shampoo as normal. My hair looks so thick and shiny afterwards!
    I will say that everyone is different, and yes, all oils are different. My face doesn't tolerate coconut oil terribly well (it does fine with other oils, however) so I usually just use it on my hair and body.

  • Alex

    Have any acne-prone ITG readers used it on their faces? What were the results? It says it can be used on acne, but as someone with moderate acne, I am skeptical of this claim. Please advise!

    • Jenn Blakes

      It depends - a little would be ok but after awhile my skin rebelled like crazy. I would recommend Tamanu oil. That stuff is literally magic. It kills zits AND heals scars that have been there for years.

    • christine

      I was just going to comment that this stuff is disastrous for the acne-prone. Anything (and many natural products rely on coconut oil or coconut derivatives) with coconut gives me horrible, long lasting cystic acne.

    • Sophie

      Alex, I am very acne-prone and have used it happily as a moisturizer on my face. I'd do ye olde spot test...half your face, or near your chin, see what happens. I've been using Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil (it's just pure Argan oil..lovely looking bottles) for the past 5 mo. or so and have been very happy with that too.

      • kneelbeforetigers

        Be careful with argan oil... TEST TEST TEST! I had great results at first, and broke out in acne so bad that my dermatologist was concerned at first that I would have life-long scarring from it. Luckily he is a genius. He says that he's seeing more and more folks coming in that are discovering how allergic to argan oil they really are!

    • Raissa

      It's one of the most comedogenic oils out there. If you are acne-prone, proceed with care.

      • Katrrr

        Comedogenity (is that a word?) is not an exact science. Silicone, which is not rated as comedogenic, breaks out tons of people, but not all. Coconut oil work great for a lot of people, but not all. You have to try it out for yourself to know. As far as I know, the 'non-comedogenic' claim on skincare and cosmetics doesn't have to be backed by anything much, or anything at all.

  • Tinu

    I've used coconut oil for years now. Its simply amazing. On my hair, body and more recently as a makeup remover and as a night face cream. I can't talk about it enough. Other good oils I use are castor oil, jojoba oil and the almighty EVOO.

  • Al

    I tried coconut oil when the crazy first started a year or two ago, but it broke me out really badly. I can't even use the RMS living luminizer that is in my drawer because even when I apply that below my brows or above my cheekbones it clogs up those pores really badly. I never get clogged pores in those areas UNLESS I use something with coconut oil. So readers beware. On your body/hair: YEP, GREAT. On your face: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.
    Coconut oil has a comedegenic factor of 4 (with 0 being completely non-comedegenic):

    • Katie

      I think it depends on your skin type. My skin is like the Sahara and i can slather coconut oil on it and no problems!

    • Kat

      As Katie, I'm a happy coconut oil-on-face slatherer. I have super, crazy, dry skin that is also acne prone, for extra joy. I think the entire grading of comedogenic factor is perhaps a bit more complicated than these sites make it out to be? Silicones are not considered comedogenic, but they make me and many others break out A LOT, while the super-comedogenic coconut oil is a joy on my skin.

    • Roxanne Wilmath

      100% true! My hair loves it, my face not so much! In fact, I swear not only has it pissed off any slight acne I had, It has also (I believe) managed to give me little fine lines & tiny wrinkles (I'm only 27!!) I thought I was going crazy until I actually did some research, and I realized I'm not the only one. So instead of looking young for my age (which I always had) in a span of 3 months of using coconut oil, I've managed to add 3 years onto my face. Again, great for hair, but be warned about the face! Yes, it will moisturize, but it can aggravate acne & with prolonged use, can cause premature wrinkles!!

  • Ham

    can we expect a top shelf with RoseMarie Swift?

    • Guest

      Good idea, although maybe someone who doesn't have their own line? Someone more inclined to natural skincare but still uses a lot of products ... The ideal!

  • jax

    May want to take Amanda Harlech out for the count of coco oil supporters who said: " Then I’ve got some shea butter that you can get in the super market. Palmer’s Shea Butter as Cocoa butter, coconut oil and almond oil don't absorb into the skin as well."

  • Dotti Dee

    How funny! I just read this after getting out of the shower where I used coconut oil all over :) I had sensitive dry acne prone skin and my skin absorbs it so fast and it makes it silky smooth! I love it! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to apply it since it is solid at room temp. I'm thinking a mason jar with a scoop is probably the best bet so I'm not dipping my fingers into it repeatedly. For now I set the container on a heating pad (my little trick) and pour it into a smaller easier to handle container for the shower. It's fantastic as a makeup remover plus it makes my lashes look fantastic! Also remember to buy organic, fair traid and cold pressed! If it's not cold pressed some of the nutrients may have been lost.


  • Azrakun

    Totally adding this to my face routine!

  • Antoi

    I've been using coconut oil for a crazy myriad of uses: all over moisturizer, toothpaste, hair conditioner, cooking, in my coffee, and great for more personal uses. My friends think I'm crazy as I cannot shut up about its benefits & uses.

    Here are a few links to coconut oil's health benefits, and a long list of more uses:

  • Klanducci24

    I've put it in my tea RELIGIOUSLY every morning for the past year now, and use it on my face in a mask maybe once a month. I'm young, 21, but NYC and all the substances the circulate around and in your body living here, can really take a tole on your health and skin. Since I've started using this miracle oil, my skin is more amazing than when I was 16. No fine lines, no blemishes and a healthy glow... no joke! I swear by this stuff.

    • Katie

      Can you expand on using it in your tea? I've heard of this....what kind of tea, how much? Thanks!

  • Couteau

    Argan oil is unbeatable. It's absorbs wonderfully and smells sexy. Great as a hair or face mask or just applied in dabs for moisture. Beautiful drizzled over fish. Depends what works best for you. But we shouldn't discount virgin olive oil just because it's sitting in the kitchen!

  • Angela

    Yay for this post! I finally ditched all the expensive body washes and lotions, and I now just use Dr. Bronner's almond soap bar in the shower and slather Barlean's coconut oil all over my body post shower. I use a body brush before showering (for quick exfoliation), and once a week I do a coconut oil, brown sugar, and lemon body scrub. My routine just got simplified and a lot less expensive for this (impoverished) grad student. The oil is so wonderfully fragrant that I use in in lieu of perfume. The only drawback is that I'm constantly distracted throughout the day with how good I smell and can be occasionally caught indulgently smelling my own skin.

  • anonymous

    I used to use coconut oil as a moisturizer, but had to stop. If you haven't used it before or have sensitive skin - be careful! It made me really itchy and break out in hives on my legs! I do still use it on my hair though, and LOVE it

  • Aria Joy

    Coconut oil is excellent! I have very acne-prone skin and while I can use it on my body without issue, I only can use it on my face once in awhile. Too often results in clogged pores and blackheads, though it's great in a pinch for dry spots. One of my tricks is to dab a little on a dry or "crusty" pimple (not inflamed ones) to speed up the healing and allow makeup to go on more smoothly. If you don't tend to sweat much, it can be used on its own as a deodorant. But my favorite use is definitely as a personal lubricant--no irritation for sensitive bits!

  • Stephanie

    One of the things I've heard so much about and you've gotten me convinced! Going to the nearest Whole Foods to find myself some coconut oil

    xx Steph

  • Akilah Hughes

    I love it! I'm on my second round of accutane (booo hormonal acne), and today my derm was amazed at how quickly things were clearing up after just a month. I'm gonna go ahead and thank my use of coconut oil as a nightly moisturizer for this. And it smells too good.

  • Marylou Currier

    Sharing more love about coconut oil: I have a couple spoonfuls every morning in my smoothie. My hands and heels had been getting drier and drier, but after about a week of smoothies, both are softer and smoother. Try it!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I have acne-prone skin, and while I love the idea of using coconut oil on the face, it seems that my face doesn't actually agree. I tried slathering it on as a moisturizer in the dead of winter and slept on it and when I woke up, I had a massive breakout attack. It was a shame :/ But I still love to use it on my body and hair and lips, so it's all good!

  • Kat

    I've used it for all kinds of things for years, and while I'm definitely not sold on all potential uses (toothpaste? I like fluor!), it is amazing for plenty of things.
    I have dry, frizzy, wavy hair, which practically means it hardly ever looks really shiny, but with SLS-free shampoo, no conditioner, and a teaspoon of coconut oil right out of the shower, it really is. The important thing is to put it in while the hair is REALLY wet, still, or it looks like brilliantine.
    It is the best makeup remover in existence, extremely effective and lash moisturizing at once, without ever drying your face out, and a great cure for dry, itchy scalp and dandruff.
    I have also used it on perioral dermatitis. In my experience, p. d. really needs moisture, both for comfort and looks, but everything aggravates it. Coconut oil calms it down and lessens the inflammation quite a lot. If I ever get it again (I hope not!), I'll start with the oil immediately to see if it can stop the outbreak.

  • Misses Robinson

    My rasta boyfriend used to make it for me in the late 1980's. Now you can buy coconut oil at Whole Foods. I always felt like I smelled like a french fry at the end of the day. I recommend adding some scented natural oil to it to remedy this.

  • Clara

    Some people are mentioning their issues with breakouts after applying coconut oil and I say, be patient! Depending on your diet and your level of acne you could be experiencing a Herxheimer reaction, which basically means toxins are being released as bacteria dies off. For some people who are truly acne prone it gets worse before it gets better and then you'll wonder why you hadn't tried this before because your skin health will improve. This happened to me and I freaked! However, a very trusted friend and beauty editor told me to hang on and after two weeks I was shocked at how well my skin began behaving. I wasn;t totally convinced at first, until I went back to my Oil of Olay and my skin again appeared insane and stayed that way until I tried the oil cleansing method and used coconut oil. Two years later and my skin is gorgeous and the only pimple I get is that one during a period. I also now use another very incredible oil that helps prevent wrinkles and adds zinc to my skin and that also keeps skin clear, but it's expensive! Worth every penny since it works. As you can tell I converted to what European women have done all along, use precious oils to care for my skin and I never would have thought my skin would look this good!

    I love this post ITG! Keep these coming.

    • alexis Sepkovic

      What's the "other" oil that keeps skin clear? You have me dying to know....

  • Melissa C

    I haven't read through all the comments so I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but for anyone treating their tresses with the Brazilian Blowout, coconut oil unfortunately strips it from your hair, as with colour treatments too. But apart from that, I'm all for using the oil for everything else :)

  • Cplincoln

    Years ago, before the coconut oil trend. My mom and her friends could not find coconut oil ANYWHERE! In the Philippines, they used the stuff for everything. So they would make the oil themselves. They would take a fresh coconut, shave out the white meat and cook it until it rendered its pure unadulterated oil. Then it was strained through a cheesecloth and the oil was poured into a jar. When it solidified, we just heated the jar in hot water till it was liquid again. My mom would use it to condition my hair. It's great for dry skin and for pedicures. And fresh coconut oil smells even better than store bought. Nothing was tossed, the cooked coconut meat was cooked again after the oil was removed and brown sugar added to make coconut candy.

  • Amber Alexander

    Man, what can I say about coconut oil its amazing. I use it on my hair and skin....been for years now. It is very popular in the west indies where my family is from so we grew up on it. My mom used to make coconut oil from scratch but I buy mine from the caribbean grocery. I recommend it for anyone who has extremely dry skin or hair, apply when wet and your skin will feel soft as silk.

    • Lily

      yeah, my family is from the south of India so coconut oil is our go-to cooking medium+pre-bath moisturiser+hair mask too....unfortunately, I hate the taste and smell though I might start using medicated coconut oil again to keep my hair dark.

  • Jessica Wray

    I use it for EVERYTHING! Nectar of the gods....

  • kellidanielle

    I have had a long love affair with coconut oil! I have tried different iterations of it and my favorite is honestly just the extra virgin coconut oil at trader joe's (or any supermarket, for that matter). I have really fry skin and often get keratosis pilaris in the winter (little bumps on the backs of my arms) and coconut oil seems to be the only thing that really eliminates it! It also keeps my hair silky.

    If you're looking to try other magical oils, castor is also really great! Sometimes I mix it with coconut oil and use it on my body or in my hair when I want to be extra silky, AND it stimulates hair growth! After an awkward over-plucking encounter in my teens I was afraid I would never have Lily Collins-esque eyebrows again but castor oil has made a seriously huge difference in the overall thickness of my brows! I <3 oils :)

  • Kath

    I found that coconut oil was not moisturizing enough for my body, and to an extent my face. Since then I have fund that vitamin Eoil is my favorite for face and body. I love love love the Jason brand that you can get at whole foods. The vitamin e oil and mAy other products. The E oil smells soooooooo good, it has almond oil in the mix also.
    However, these comments are making me want to get a tub of coconut oil again. I love it as an over night hair treatment, and I all love a little it poured in the bathtub. It is the BEST for cooking any kind of pancakes.
    is anyone a devotee of oil pulling? I have tried it with coconut oil, but it has not yet become a ful fledged habit of mine yet, even though I understand the health benefits are numerous. I would be interested in other's experiences. :)
    My one problem with coconut oil is that I would bring it forth from the bathroom to the kitchen. (yuck) def need a tub or each room!

  • Joycegalugbo

    I love love Coconut oil. I've been using it for 3 years or so, after years of using bad body cremes that dry my skin. I use it as a pre conditioner for my hair, as a creme on my skin and as a wet 'n' seal treatment for the ends of my hair. I also use jojoba oil for my hair to add abit of shine and as a wet 'n' seal treatment for hair too. Sometime I use jojoba oil or coconut oil as night creme on my face.

  • Rola

    I must try coconut oil one of these days, keep hearing all the good things about it!

  • chocolatelover

    I've been using coconut oil in my hair for ages. I have been always scared to use it on my face, because when I put the coconut oil close to my hairline, it always breaks me out. Has anybody tried to use it on their face successfully? And by the way I have teenage, oily, acne prone skin :)


    I use raw shea butter on my body (the one you have to melt first) and just regular moisturizer on my face (shea makes me break out). I've been meaning to try coconut oil as a hair mask ( my friend swears by it) and I'm so glad you rolled out this post!

  • Beatriz

    I tried Spectrum, which Ricky's Beauty Shop had in large supplies. Unfortunately I couldn't stand the scent. I used it all over but my hair , the primary goal, was not as soft as when I use my regular products:L Greyl, Kerastase, etc. I am planning on returning it today.

  • Rose Marie

    The really, really raw, unheated, organic coconut oil is the best of the best, my skin loves it, my hair loves it, I love it.

  • linda owens

    been using coconut oil for 3 weeks now and my wrinkles got worse...yes im using extra virgin organic CO,,, someone help I heard all the good things it does to your face.. why is this happening to me.

    • Roxanne Wilmath

      Same thing here, extra virgin organic coconut oil from a very reputable source (& I checked tons of reviews on the source I bought it from as well, I'm very anal when it comes to beauty purchases, I don't like to waste money, I can't afford to) I'm 27 & aside from a mini breakout once a month (during that time of the month) I have always had nice skin and always looked a few years younger then I am. Well after only 3 months of use, I have now developed little fine lines & wrinkles that I never had before (I haven't gained or lost weight, I haven't drank any alcohol, I don't use drugs, this is the only thing in my routine to change.) This stuff is awesome for hair (my hair literally loves this stuff to death, & it feels amazing!! and has had so many benefits for my hair.) It has been the complete opposite for my face though (apparently lots of others now too!! However, people don't like to "publish" that kind of stuff, but we are not the only ones.) I wish I never took all the suggestions from almost everyone and put it on my face. This has been the worst thing to happen to it. I actually get emotional from it sometimes because of how much it has seemed to age me. I'm hoping & praying that bio-oil and/or organic sweet almond oil will reverse some of these effects. If it does, I will be sure to come back & let you know. Again, amazing for hair, & I will always use it for my hair, but never on my face again.

  • The Happy Happy Coconut Guy

    Not All Coconut Oils Are Created Equal

    First off, let me just say that if you are using any kind of
    coconut oil now and substituting it for any other oils and butters, you are
    doing your body a huge favor. I will assume that you all are at least familiar with all the health benefits that coconut oil provides. If not, I encourage you to do your own research. You’ll find some very cool stuff about coconut oil! This will be more about the different grades of coconut oil and different types of coconut oils.

    The nitty-gritty of what I know:

    Refined vs. Unrefined

    Refined: Processed. Bleached and/or deodorized. Thus making it tasteless and odorless. Still a great source of Lauric acid, but does not have the same health benefits as unrefined. *Virgin Refined is an untrue marketing statement (I’ve seen coconut oils marketed this way and I don’t understand…lol).

    Unrefined: Oil is extracted/pressed from fresh, raw coconuts. Chemical free. Provides most nutrients.

    Virgin vs. Extra Virgin: There is no ‘extra’ virgin in the coconut industry. It was borrowed from the olive oil industry and used as another marketing tool to make you think there was something ‘special’ about their oil. People who are in the coconut industry do not differentiate between a virgin or ‘extra’ virgin coconut oil. Virgin is supposed to mean from fresh coconut meat.

    Cold Pressed vs. Expeller Pressed: Coconut oil is ‘pressed’ out from either fresh or dry coconut meat. It is more exposed to the ‘elements’ during this process.
    Expeller tends to use heat in the extraction process, which also tends to denigrate the nutritional value. I guess you can say that cold pressed is better in that sense.

    However, having a ‘Virgin’, cold or expeller pressed coconut oil may not necessarily be true. You would have to find out more about that company’s process. If it’s dry, it’s most likely in a less raw state.

    Centrifuge Process: Coconut oil is typically extracted immediately from raw undried coconut meat. It is less exposed to the elements and produces the highest quality oil that is better and whiter than cold pressed coconut oils.
    Definitely the highest nutrition value and at it’s purest using this process. Highest grade coconut oil.

    Fermentation Process: Haven’t heard of too many companies doing a fermentation process. Typically though, fermentation has more water content and not as pure.

    So from low grade to high grade coconut oils would be something like this: Refined, Expeller Pressed is lower tiered coconut oil. Virgin, Unrefined, Centrifuge Pressed is the highest top shelf coconut oil.

    So what does all this visually look like when looking at all those coconut oils out there on the shelves?

    Your lower tiered coconut oils will usually have a brownish tinge or flecks in the oil. This is more apparent when coconut oil is in its most solid state. The sediment and impurities will tend to settle towards the bottom of the container. You can see this by turning the jar upside down and looking at the bottom of the jar.

    Here’s a list of coconut oils that, in my opinion, fall into this category:

    -Dr. Bronner
    -Trader Joe’s
    -Nature’s Way EfaGold
    -365 Organic

    These brands also tend to be more coconutty in flavor and aroma. This is because the way the oil is extracted. It can be a little overbearing when cooking foods that don’t really mix well with a coconut flavor. I also really don’t like
    using these for skin or hair as it can definitely leave that coconut cooking scent on you. I have had comments on how I smelled like I was always cooking something. However, out of the lower tiered brands I would use Artisana.

    A couple of oils that would fall into a mid or maybe upper tier category would be like a Nutiva or a Barlean’s.

    Of these two, I would use Barlean’s as they are cold pressed from fresh coconuts. Nutiva is good. But occasionally I do see brownish or yellowish tinge in their jars. I do believe their oil is expeller pressed using heat…which would account for the off color oil. Also means a slight denigration in nutrients, but still a higher quality than the other oils.

    There are a bunch of others out there that I haven’t been able to try yet, both in the stores and online. I saw one the other day made by Ziggy Marley called, Coco Mon Coconut Oil. Cool marketing…but based on the look of his oil, it would fall under a lower-tiered oil.

    There’s a company called, Tropical Traditions that I hear a lot of good things about. I just haven’t tried it yet. So I can’t really speak to the quality other than what I hear. They are online as well.

    Again, if you are using any of these oils, it’s still better for you than using other oils and butters. Coconut oil in general is the healthiest oil on earth for your body…both internally and externally. The only thing to make sure of is that your coconut oil is not hydrogenated. That means TRANSFAT!! Stay away!!

    Now for those of you who really are looking for the top shelf coconut oil you might want to try a new company that is primarily online for now. It’s a new company called, Nutri-Coco, Premium Virgin Coconut Oil. I found them online and ventured on trying their oil. I was pleasantly surprised on the
    quality of their oil.

    Nutri-Coco is a Premium Virgin Coconut Oil. They do an unrefined-centrifuge
    extraction from fresh hand picked coconuts. This tells me immediately that as far as nutrition value goes, they are definitely upper crust. I understand that they are organic but are in the process of getting an ‘Organic’ certification. I also
    read that their type of centrifuge process is a special family ‘top-secret’ process. I’m not sure what that really means, but whatever they do, their oil looks premium. So, right off the bat, they are a top shelf oil.

    After trying it out I found that they oil is a perfect, pristine white color. No flecks, sediment, or off color tinge. When it’s in its most liquid form it is clear and looks like pure water. The aroma and flavor are very subtle. Which makes it
    ideal for cooking a wide variety of recipes. I have cooked with it, used it as a butter substitute, popped popcorn with it, and even put it in my coffee. All very delightful tastes. (FYI; for a simple stir-fry dish, I will sometimes use Artisana just because the flavoring compliments the stir-fry). I have also used Nutri-Coco for oil pulling and use it as a substitute for skin lotion. My skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and doesn’t smell;-) I hear coconut oil is great for hair…but being that my dome is also smooth as a baby’s bottom, I can’t really speak to the benefits for your hair.

    So for all you Cross-fitters, health nuts, and cooking aficionados out there, if you are someone who cares about putting only the best product in your body or on your skin then Nutri-Coco is it! Make sure to go check them out!! You will
    see exactly why this is a top shelf, premium virgin coconut oil.

    On a final note, I will reiterate that if you are using coconut oil in your daily diet/usage, then kudos to you. It’s a great step towards being healthy!

    I know this is a long post and it is all just my opinion on what’s out there…but hopefully this is all good information for everyone. Plus, I am a coconut enthusiast and just wanted to share what I know.

    Thanks for reading!!

    The Happy Happy Happy Coconut Guy

  • Clara Elizabeth Goldfarb

    OKAY... wanna know the BOMB exfoliater?

    Get a bowllll... add a big scoop of coconut oil, a half cup of sugar and squeeze half a lemon in there. Scrub yourself down and take a nice hot shower. Your body will look and feel so smooth and amazing.

    DO IT NOW.

  • Bita

    What about Trader Joe's coconut oil? It's organic, extra virgin, and pretty affordable!

  • Mary1

    I ordered Cocozia coconut oil from Amazom,for me it's the best one!