Summer Cut!


Okay, okay. It's not summer yet. In fact, it's been freezing in New York, when all I want to do is wear one of the eight pairs of cut-off shorts I've collected over the past three weeks. The compromise was to meet up with Brian again and lop off a good four inches of hair. Dry cut, with a razor—quick and easy, down and dirty. I was inspired by a couple of models: Kati Nescher, the twenty-seven year old overnight sensation who I spotted at the beginning of fall shows (backstage at Alexander Wang), and Marte Van Haaster, the Dutch Prada/Miu Miu darling with a haphazard "Lob" (long bob).

Until the past couple of months, I haven't felt inclined to mess with my hair because there's not a ton that can be done with it. It's dead straight, and while "shiny" and "healthy" are generally pluses, I long for dry, tousled, wavy texture. Coincidentally, Noshin, an ITG reader from London, emailed over the weekend asking for tips on "achieving second or third day hair on newly washed first day hair." Well my friend, this is something I've learned a thing or two about. I suggest mixing a thickening lotion (like Redken 06 Body Builder) with some styling cream (Bumble and bumble and Shu Uemura are two favorites) in the palm of your hands and working that through towel-dried hair, to start. After blasting it off with a dryer or air-drying, spray Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray through sections—from root to tip—and let that settle for a minute before raking your hands through it. Throw it up into a half-knot ponytail (or little messy bun) on and off throughout the day, so it gets little bends and kinks in it. And then don't wash your hair for three days—a good head shake and a blast of dry shampoo should be all you need. It should just keep getting better and better.

Photos by miss Natalie Joos. Jacket by 10 Crosby, top by Zara, jeans by Rag & Bone

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  • Kinga

    so chic your cut. j'adore!

  • shipandanchor

    In the 3rd picture down it doesn't LOOK bone straight...let us into your secrets, my grown out 'lob' has me in despair, I always end up rough drying and throwing on top of my head!

    • Anonymous

      Updated the text! I just pull it in and out of a ponytail/bun to give it some movement. xE

  • Phil

    Looks strange atm but we'll get used to it I bet :)
    Nice going! Cut by the same guy as in that vid?

  • Denise

    I love this cut on you. You look so young!

  • D.

    you look wonderful! you make me want to chop off my hair.

  • Clarisse B.

    Loving it! I'd love to be able to get the same but according to my hairdresser, i have to keep them long to look better!
    - Cla (

  • Anonymous

    It looks incredible! Always been a fan of the long bob, and yours looks seriously rad with all of that texture!!! I am desperately in need of a way to freshen up my own do! Maybe a cut is in the cards!


  • Anonymous

    SUCH a babe xx

  • Eyeshadow Government

    Very pretty! I like uncomplicated haircuts.

  • Nicolecjenkins

    Looks Great!

  • Gina

    hmmm. it's looking a little greasy to me rather than beachy bed-head. love the length though!

  • Rachel Mangahas

    You look fabulous! Emily, do you have any recommedations on a good dry shampoo? thanks!!

  • yizuzeu_254

    Increible,eres hermosa

  • Greta

    I love, love, love it! Chic and effortless looking.

  • Lindsay Sue

    I wish I could pull off short hair. My hair is too thick and wavy. Le sigh...

  • lg

    are you still rocking the under shave as well?

    • Anonymous

      Indeed I am! xE

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic hairstyle!


  • jordan

    love a short cut. so chic!

  • Miss K

    You look great with your new haircut!

  • MyDearGirl

    Gamine!!!!!! lovely, lovely lovely!!! The cut looks like you can kickass a good way. Get it girl!

  • Jenny

    You look amazing Emily!

  • Mrs. Singh

    I love it. It is sexy and edgy and chic at the same time. I should check out the Oribe Spray!

  • Amber

    oh god so many beautiful haircuts flying around!

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    I love your new cut, it's very chic!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  • Jane S.

    I actually have dry, wavy thick hair and of course, have been chasing shiny, straight hair most of my life (damn you, Marcia Brady!) After my last keratin treatment, I decided f*ck it, I'm just going to embrace the texture. Discovering Cutbyfred just confirmed my decision. Love the Oribe spray, plus Fred's advice to just run your fingers through your hair, rather than a brush or comb. Definitely helps keep my short bob (growing out!) from looking too "Senator's wife."

  • Liv

    I got my hair cut off after watching your snippety do dah video, I'm so happy I did.
    You look so chic!

  • Procrastinating Pretty

    The way I really get dirty, texture-y second day hair is to spritz my hair with Bumble and Bumble's surf spray then take a pea sized amount of any hair mask (I like the Macadamia one) and work it through your hair from the crown to the ends. Then I twist it up in a bun throughout the day so it gets a little bend in it. It works magically even on superstickstraight Asian hair!

  • Alison

    Love it! very effortless, Parisian chic.

  • Kitchen afternoon

    You have lovely bone structure so the cut works and looks very fresh.

  • Maggie Santolla

    See, I have wavy, dry, textury hair and my issue is always trying to pull off messy in a chic way instead how it usually looks, which is messy in a messy way. I sit at a desk for 8 hours too in not the most fashionable of industries. Sigh. It's very cute! What dry shampoo do you use?

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I LOVE your hair so much! I am officially obsessed with this cut...although I am in the middle of trying to grow my hair out, your new cut REALLY makes me want to chop it all off again. Oh god, why do I do this to myself... lol

  • JessicaElizabeth

    This is also my biggest challenge as someone with dead straight Asian hair! I've tried so many texturising products but think the secret (for me) is that I need some kind of heated styling tool. And more time! Great haircut.

  • mimi

    i love you for posting this! it is so rare to find articles for girls with dead straight hair (like me!) to help get that difficult tousled, slightly wavey, bedhead, effortlessly cool look. i never knew what sort of product to use to try and achieve this. im so trying it!

    and your haircut looks great :)

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    Looks gorgeous! I have a question for the blondies among us - how to achieve that messysexy look without making blonde hair look brassy or yellow? Most texturising or bed head type products I have tried make my hair look really yellow.

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni
  • Alyne

    Oh I wish I could stay 2 or 3 days without washing my hair but it is so oily that it is simply impossible :-(

  • Lily


  • Rose

    Love the hair! I think choppy, messy above the shoulder cuts (ala Alexa Chung) have a much sexier and earthier appeal than that long, straight, flat-itoned look.

  • Hannahltuson

    I love your hair!!! It's very sexy, but effortlessly so. Thank you so much for posting this. But I think all those products would be too much for my fine, thin hair. It would just look really greasy.

    The most frustrating thing about Into The Gloss is how the women never really mention what styling products they use in their hair or how they style it. I know that Top Shelf is mainly based around make up and skin products but I really want to know how they get such beautiful messy hair. Especially the French girls!

  • Shanny

    Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm is my secret weapon for accentuating tousled hair - not to mention it smells delicious.

  • Lhubbard311

    I think we need an update on your summer make-up Emily! Gorgeous :)

  • Messamet serdane
  • Lou

    I can' never seem to do anything with my hair that I am happy with. It never seems to want to play ball. But I love these photos and in the UK all it seems to do is rain at the moment. Bring on the Summer.


  • MGF

    waaaa !! Emily that's awesome !!
    now I want to cut mine… dear oh dear

  • Karoline

    I loved it!!!!
    I just posted looks from Beverly Hills, and tips for gifts for Mother's day under 100!!!take a look:

  • Jennifer White73

    GREAT cut! I've been thinking about chopping off my verrry long locks...this inspires me.

  • kimmiepooh

    Cute cut! Warmer weather always makes me want to get more adventurous with my hair. I'm not a flashy dresser so I have to be careful that I don't look too "safe". I didn't want to cut it off anymore -its grown back from a buzz cut- so I put highlights in last week.

    Are you letting the undercut you shaved off grow back?

  • remonty

    great posing, expressive

  • Jenna

    I love the cut! It's fresh and fun for summer. Love the tossed wavy look in the third picture down. Looks so easy to maintain and keep up with!

  • Artemisia

    I can't believe no one's asked you what's on your lips? looks good, do tell!
    p.s. you rock -

  • Natalie Webb

    So very cute! And non-first-day hair is totally the best.

    Word of caution though (from a pro barber) - dry razor cutting, unless (and sometimes even if) your stylist has the sharpest blade ever, can shred your hair and encourage split ends. For this look that is actually a bit of a plus, especially since it is on the shorter side.

    If your hair is thicker or not super healthy to begin with, please ask your stylist to razor cut wet. You would be shocked at how many people in this industry don't know or care about how to keep their clients' hair healthy.

    Also, curly hair+thinning shears=disaster. If you have curls and you see them pick up the scissors with the little teeth - run.

  • Renee

    Love it! It really suits you so well.

  • Lisa O.

    Nowhere to go but up! I absolutely love this cut for any of us,
    but you look marvelous.

  • Trishelle
  • Guest

    Forget the hair for a moment - the lipstick is amazing X

  • beans

    Does Brian cut hair at a salon in nyc?

  • Fantastic-fashion

    the top is is summer.