Remember Sofie and Natalia and their über-cool locks? Well, this is Molly, their long-lost American hair twin. Unlike Parisians and their incredible je ne sais quoi approach to beauty, most of us have to work at getting that perfectly imperfect ‘do. Bumble and bumble has just made the task much easier, with Bb.Texture Hair (un)dressing creme.

When the ridiculously chic girls at Bumble (they’ll be in a future post soon enough) commissioned me to shoot the product in action, it seemed like a no-brainer—the company doesn’t have new offerings all that often, and each addition to the range becomes a fixture…or sensation (hello, Surf Spray). They told me I had to see their friend Molly Kennedy's hair, so off I went to meet her in the Meatpacking District. The 26-year old fashion stylist, in Lanvin shades and an H&M—dare I say it—textured coat, looked like the Left Bank version of Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She’s a devotee of the Grooming Creme, Surf Spray, and now, Texture. “It’s really good because it gives you that second day, kind of bed-head look. And it’s matte, which is really nice…it kind of gives hair a hold that doesn’t look like a hold. It’s weird to use a product that mattifies—it totally goes against what you think hair should look like—but it’s really cool!” Her routine? Wash at night, work any combination of those three products into damp hair, and sleep on it. Voilà.

Earlier in the month, in my first Texture assignment, I slipped backstage at Yigal Azrouël just in time to see Laurent Philippon (French, bien sûr) pinning inky plumes across models’ heads…a totally un-Blair Waldorf headband that I might just try at home. But my favorite part was that thick, mussed quality of the hair—a bun that actually stays put without a thousand bobby pins? Count me in. “Texture’s an incredible product—it gives a lot of grip to the hair, for updos or tying it up,” Philippon mused. He massaged a quarter-sized amount into damp hair (a must) and blow-dried. “It brings just the right amount of texture—sexy but not dirty.”

Coincidentally, it's the beginning of Fashion Week in Paris, and I'm fresh (well, not really) off the plane. Guess what's in my suitcase?

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  • Fleurette

    Wow, thanks for recommending this product. I am really really looking forward to trying it as I love my second day hair, but hate the greasy feeling.

  • MG

    this is great. now i don't have to wait for my hair to be dirty to make it look perfectly imperfect.

  • v

    sounds like a dream product! SO going to try it!!

  • Bre

    I'm the epitome of a wash and go girl, so this product sounds like a must buy. I love Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray in my damp hair, I braid it and go to sleep. It adds the perfect wavy, matte texture and it's the laziest way to do it. I'm eager to try this Texture, it sounds like Surf Spray in a cream formulation.

  • Simone G

    Molly has fabulous hair, and style. I want this product stat!

  • Allyson

    I have been trying to keep my hair styling more low-maintenance lately with as little heat as possible, so I'm definitely going to have to try out this product. Thanks!

  • MARY

    Sexy, but not dirty?!

    K, that's it! Gotta try this product PRONTO!

  • heart charlie

    Oooo I can't wait to try this! I usually use sachajuan, but this would be fun to try as well. I am a hopeless addict when it comes to hair products ;)

  • alice

    this is exactly what i need, thank you!

  • Angelica

    Sounds like the product I've been lloking for to get that bed-heady look. Thanks for the awesome post and site!

  • Jules


    great product!!!

  • amelia

    i want this! bumble and bumble are amazing!


    Just re-blogged about Molly's amazing shades of hair at The colors and texture are exactly what I'm going for these days.

  • Kim

    Cannot WAIT to try this on my waist length, slightly wavy hair. I'm headed to Sephora tomorrow to purchase it. I just hope my hair isn't hard to brush with this product in it, I don't want tangles.

  • Trishelle

    Def going to try this stuff!