water week

The Review

Steam Your Way To Clearer Skin

Add some dried flowers and twigs to the mix, and you've got a DIY facial on your handsRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Laura Enever, Surfer

"It’s funny because I can’t just leave my hair salty after a surf—I have to shower because I can’t deal with it feeling crusty from actual ocean water."Read more >

The Review

Beauty Products For Swimfans

L’Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer will not doRead more >

Five Cool Things

Cool Pools

The most interesting places to go swimming that we could findRead more >

The Review

Water Filters Level Up

In your pitcher, in your sink, in your shower...Read more >

Word of Mouth

ITG's Best Water Tips

"My best beauty secret is to drink a lot of water," said everybodyRead more >

Word of Mouth

MythBusters: Rinsing Your Hair In Cold Water

Do we need a spoiler alert if we say right here, right now that it doesn't work?Read more >


A Nonfactual, Very Unscientific Study Of Which Water Is Best

Join us as we try to stay hydrated and grow some plantsRead more >