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All Of Wes Anderson's Emotional Slow Motion Shots Rolled Into One

Escape into four minutes and seven seconds worth of tweed and fabulously smudged eyelinerRead more >


Clothing of the Future!

"...skirts will disappear entirely," and other predictions for millennial fashion from 1939Read more >


Robert Jones' 'Learn Make Up Color Theory'

Our how-to pick of the week? A no-nonsense guide to selecting the best colors for your faceRead more >


Bobbi Brown's 'How-To: Classic Eye Makeup'

The less-is-more beauty guru brings her wisdom to YouTubeRead more >


Makeup Geek’s 'Top 10 Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own'

The what, where, whens, and whys of makeup brushes, in our how-to video of the weekRead more >