The Beauty Of Jon Stewart

A very ITG send-off to our favorite late-night hostRead more >

The Top Shelf

Sunny Hostin, Legal Analyst, CNN

You learn a lot about good mattifying primers and under-eye concealer when your job is to sit under TV lightsRead more >

The Top Shelf

Michelle Monaghan, Actress

"I think that if you are healthy, you are beautiful on the outside and on the inside. The best thing to do is just lead by example."Read more >

The Extras

Behind The Makeup Of 'Transparent'

Makeup artists Emma Johnston Burton and Molly Tissavary talk about the process of making Jeffery Tambor up into his character, Maura, and what tinted moisturizer is best for just about anyoneRead more >

The Face

Jessie Kahnweiler, Filmmaker

"I used to think that because I didn't have big zits, or whatever, that skincare didn't really matter, but now I literally wash my face like a grownup woman. I'm being serious. It's such a turning point. I feel like even doing this little thing every day helps me feel worthy of being in the world."Read more >


Esther Lee Leach, Producer

The Santa Lucian filmmaker on starting her own company at 16, the wrinkle-free diet, and the nightly retinol routine she shares with her husbandRead more >