Hair Color

The Review

The Best Masks For Color-Treated Hair

Your well-loved, well-dyed hair deserves some special treatmentRead more >

As Told To ITG

Soo Joo Goes Blue

What she used to get the optimal shade that's "somewhere in-between the tropical ocean and dirty dishwater"Read more >

Hair Ideas

The Best Drugstore Shampoo for Brunettes

Just because you're not blonde doesn't mean you don't need to care for your colorRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Soo Joo Park

The girl that sparked thousands of double processes on maintaining her blond, achieving Beyoncé's wet look, and getting home by curfewRead more >

The Look

The Look: Naty In Giorgio Armani

We're starting to sense a hair pattern...Read more >


Olaplex: Hair Color's Holy Grail

The chemistry behind the brand's overnight success storyRead more >

Hair Ideas

Genetics Be Damned

Alexis explores life as an Asian woman with blond hair Read more >

The Technique

Too Dumb To Be Blonde

A hair color PSA for anyone who's considering making a big changeRead more >

The Top Shelf

Sarah Harris, Fashion Features Director, British Vogue

On her naturally silver hair, the best moisturizing foundation, and Vogue beauty salesRead more >

The Review

Platinum Perfect

Or, why my shower is full of purple hair productsRead more >

The Technique

The Proper At-Home Bleaching Technique

How to go (and stay) platinum blonde, in the comfort of your own bathroomRead more >

As Told To ITG

Charlotte Carey Goes Fire Red

Our pal—who happens to also be the go-to NYC colorist for all things blond—Aura Friedman sent an email last week with a pretty enticing subject line: "Charlotte Carey Makeover.Read more >


Beauty Chemistry: Blue-Tinted Hair

For when a faint hint of color is all you're looking forRead more >

Nicky Deam
Hair Ideas

10 Career-Making Hair Transformations

The major hair changes that will help you make it big—tried and tested by 52 real-life famous people Read more >

Hair Ideas

Fashion People Are Already Requesting The Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Hair Colors

You heard it here first: Dusty, pearly shades are the new cotton-candy pastelsRead more >

Hair Ideas

Hair Color Forum: Let's Talk About Going Blond

Questions about lightening up? You've found the right postRead more >


Fun With Color: Cool Blonde

Hairstylist Thanos Samaras helps us find our inner MarilynRead more >


Fun With Color: Warm Brunette

The best ways to wear caramel-colored hairRead more >


Fun With Color: Cool Red

Hairstylist Thanos Samaras and makeup artist Junko Kioka show us how to be the best auburn possibleRead more >


Fun With Color: Warm Red

Modern makeup ideas to pair with copper hairRead more >


Fun With Color: Cool Brunette

Experimenting with that perfectly rich shade of coffee brown hairRead more >


Fun With Color: Warm Blonde

Sweet, honey hair according to hairstylist Thanos Samaras and makeup artist Junko KiokaRead more >

The Review

Lighten Your Hair; No Dye Necessary

Suffering from peroxide withdrawal? We can helpRead more >

As Told To ITG

My Hair Color, My Self

After 20 years of getting blonder and blonder, Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley suddenly quit coloring her hair. Why?Read more >

The Extras

Moms R The Best

A hair-dye horror story from one of the winners of our Barneys New York gift card giveaway!Read more >

Nicky Deam

Paint it Black...Or Ombré

Our takeaway from last night's Met Gala? The dye jobs.Read more >