The Technique

The Pre-Going Out Facial

Broken down into three easy-to-replicate routines depending how much time you have before you get turntRead more >

The Review

The Best Natural, Physical Exfoliants

There is life after microbeads, and it's very luxurious and it smells greatRead more >


Claudia McNeilly, Writer

On freelancing, finding the perfect blush, and forgetting about her ClarisonicRead more >

Word of Mouth

Hot Tip: How To Get Perfect Feet By Summer

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Ditch Your Loofa For A Salux Washcloth

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The Technique

No More Ingrown Hairs Ever

It's not about you; it's about how you're shavingRead more >

The Review

Exfoliate With Silk

After all that "treat your skin like silk" talk, the MicrodermaMitt is literally made out of silk—finally an answer the question, "How should I be exfoliating my body?"Read more >

The Technique

How To: Exfoliate Your Face

A definitive guide on exfoliating, because everyone has an opinion and not every one fits your faceRead more >

The Review

The Best Washcloths

It's time to stop overlooking them and stock upRead more >

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Clarisonic Meets Body

Because we all should be treating our bodies as well as we treat our facesRead more >