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Glossier HQ

Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO, Glossier

"It's funny the things you get excited by when you turn 30."Read more >

The Top Shelf

Emily's Fall Essentials

Emily’s seasonal curation of all things fast, easy, and fabulousRead more >

The Top Shelf

Emily's Essentials: April 2013

All of the hair, makeup, and skin savers Emily's using right now (she's trying, TRYING to streamline)Read more >

The Top Shelf

Emily's Fashion Week Essentials: Fall Edition

Old favorites, new splurges, one sweet pair of headphonesRead more >

The Top Shelf

Emily’s Essentials: December 2012

What's getting E through the season (and beyond)Read more >


Somebody's Excited For Her Vacation...

I'm free! I'm free! For a long weekend. With my best friends from college.Read more >

The Extras

Summer Travel Essentials

One large Ziploc. If I can fit all my toiletries for a trip into one large Ziploc bag: Mission Accomplished.Read more >

The Extras


While it’s true that people come to Cannes to do business—it is a film festival, after all—I think it feels more like an excuse for adults to re-live prom.Read more >

The Extras

Summer Cut!

Okay, okay. It's not summer yet.Read more >

The Top Shelf

My Skin Care: December 2011

Inez van Lamsweerde recently said something that got me thinking about all of the lotions and potions that I’ve been slathering on my face as of late.Read more >

The Extras

My Fall Makeup

It's back to school time (doesn't matter if you're out of school; this will always be back to school time in my book) and you know what that means.Read more >

The Top Shelf

My Makeup: July 2011

You’re not going to believe it… I don’t wear makeup. Just kidding. Yes, yes, I do wear makeup, and I love makeup, and I (obviously) can’t get enough of it.Read more >

The Top Shelf

My Skin Care: June 2011

Where do I begin. It’s actually been tricky to figure out a way to do my own Top Shelf, because my routine is constantly evolving—but so is everyone’s.Read more >